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We waited for you...

After a crazy day at work a glass of wine on the patio, dogs running the back yard, breeze blowing and the warm sun shining down on me was what I envisioned on my way home.  Well the sun was shining and the breeze blowing but it was cold and the dogs didn’t want to play so I took my wine and went to the basement took off my shoes and got comfy and  played around on the computer. After a while I went up stairs looking for something to eat.  I put a cup of left over coffee in the micro wave and heated it up and was about to pop a bagel into the toaster when the girls started in on me about, let’s go out to eat Mom. I just drank a glass of wine I can’t go anywhere. Ok we’ll wait.  Well I am not waiting I’m hungry now; in the toaster the bagel went. Ding, left over coffee is warm, so I added hazelnut creamer and way more sweetener than normal to cover up the stale taste: my hot bagel popped up and I smeared butter over it and went back to my room to watch TV.  I have no opportunity to watch TV upstairs since the girls found Korean soap operas.  I went downstairs and sat in Archie’s chair and ate my bagel drank my leftover warmed up coffee and fended off dogs. I finished just in time to have Archie come down and scream he wanted his chair back.  I jumped in the bed and got warm and tucked in all the dogs and turned on my reruns of Law and Oder when one of the girls come to me and said “Mom it’s been 30 minutes let’s go”.  What? It will be more than thirty minutes before I can get behind the wheel, get out of here and stop bothering me.  Ok we’ll wait. Now I am full, warm and cozy it’s going to take an act of GOD and Congress to get me out of this bed; so when I woke up it was 8:30. I took my sleep eyed self up the stairs to see what was going on, when I peered into the living room Korean soaps blared from the TV and the girls who by now would be in their jammies, are sitting there fully dressed.   Then they said “Mom we waited for you”. I laughed at them and told them to keep on waiting we were not going out to eat at 8:30 at night. They hate it when I laugh at them and enjoy myself at their expense. I then had to make amends for my BAD, and told them we would go out tomorrow.  As they talked amongst themselves as to where we would eat I yell back at them Mc Donald’s!   As no one in my family likes Mc Donald’s this caused a huge up roar, I guess cheep is out of the question.

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