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Can you let us out????

The company I work for went through some huge growing pains.  We were busting at the seams literally.  They ended up buying a huge warehouse with extended land for building a new facility.  I was shuffled off to the new warehouse so my space could be utilized for manufacturing.  We worked through the logistics of getting the raw materials to three different locations to be assembled. My office was a desk on the dock, were I staved off natures elements while doing my job.  After a fashion they built us an office; four walls a door and a couple of windows.  Now this did keep the draft off our feet but done nothing for the wind blowing up over the walls and down our necks.  My co-workers and I dealt with this for 5 years all through the building stage of the new manufacturing addition to the warehouse.  We grew to love our little office with no roof, and the jokes about closing the door you’re letting out the air conditioning. Now that the new space has been built and manufacturing is in one building, the company has started to remodel the preexisting warehouse and its offices.  While this work went on we were move to the middle of the open warehouse in cubes to do our work.  I watched my new office as it was being built and last week we did move into our new space. There are a few details that still need to be addresses like putting a door on it and now putting glass in the window of the door, finishing off the warehouse truck drivers entrance and waiting room, along with a little detailing.
Yesterday the construction worker was putting the door on the waiting room, he appeared to be having difficulty  getting the door to close correctly so even though there is a sliding window between the office and waiting area we could hear him  banging away at the door we even felt the wall shaking a couple of times.  Then toward the later afternoon he went to get the construction supervisor and both men went into the waiting room and had a discussion.  After a few moments the Supervisor knocks on the sliding window.  My co-worker and I just look at each other as if to say what they are doing. He made some hand jesters to my co-work to come to the window. She slides the window open and he says “can you come around and open the door for us”. Both of us are in a fit of laughter to see the two locked in.  As they make their quick exit we start making fun of them.  Now this morning we are filling in the other co-worker that shares this office with us, on the daily activities of yesterday, when the construction supervisor and one of his men come back to the waiting area.  The supervisor enters first and walks to the other side. The young man, most likely not knowing the door will lock behind him, hesitates for a moment then just shuts the door.  The three of us are having a good laugh at their expense, I get up to go over and tell them they just locked themselves in again and my co-workers say” don’t you dare tell them, make them come knock on the window again”, so I sat back down and watched as they discovered yet again they locked themselves in the waiting area.   The supervisor with his red face knocks again, we are all laughing and making fun of him saying “didn’t learn anything from yesterday”. I hope we did not make him too mad as we still need glass in the window of our door.

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