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Feet up tail out dead.

There are few simple pleasures in this world that can make me block out everything as I enjoy them . Being alone with the big TV and the couch is almost never heard of here so when it happens the rest of the world disappears my mind is shut off and I for a short time see nothing hear nothing and indulge in the fine art of  becoming a mindless couch potato. To enjoy a whole two hours of uninterrupted time in front of a movie with no other questions, explanations or fighting in the other room. I can count this pleasure on one hand that I have had in the last year or so. As the kids one by one left for the day and the dogs settled and barked for the last time, I found myself in a wonderful mindless bliss I had no intention of giving up. The hooligan boys came and went and time passed I knew that there would be a mess some place for me but knew it would be there no matter what time I went to investigate. My movie ended and so I had to come back to reality and go see what the boys had been up to. Of course as I made my way to the basement I cleaned poo as I went along.  I got to the back door and shooed all the dogs out and made my way down the stairs.  As I turned the corner and entered my dimly lit room and could see the two big Lincoln logs side by side in the middle of the room.  I turned and went up stairs to get paper towel and the cleaning spray, I thought now that was nice of them to leave them in the middle of the room and not the middle of my bed.  I came back and bent down to pick them up and thought what the hell have they swallow and recycled for me. I turned the logs over in my paper towel and to my surprise they were not logs they were dead mice and not recycled just dead, feet up tail out straight dead. Now, all I can think of is I am now becoming a wild life sanctuary. How many more of these things are running around? Do Bats eat mice????? or Good Dog go get'em.

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