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Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever is a term we use mostly in the North. As it causes depression, anxiety and distress from prolonged confinement. It originated in the West, this term first  alluded to being cooped up in a remote cabin during a long winter but since has been used more broadly. As can these Damn Dogs suffer any more this year with cabin fever. The past few days have been unusually warm, today climbing near 60, this is mostly unheard of for Michigan at this time of year.  The sun was shining and a warm breeze blew in from the South and made sitting on the patio a wonderful break yesterday.  So I grabbed a glass of wine and went out to sit in the sun and watch the dogs play. 
It started immediately  as soon as I opened the door. They ran out  the door as if they were being shot out of a cannon. Then they flew around the yard at break neck speeds. Half were breaking the sound barrier and the other half were being trampled by the first half. This will piss off even the best tempered dogs not to mention a bunch of depressed grouchy dogs suffering from a huge case of cabin fever.  The break neck speed dogs have not missed a step as they ran the back yard and the others who got run over by them are now in attack mode in retaliation for being run over.  As the speeding dogs made their return loop of the yard the other lay in wait for them.  When they made there move on the speeding pack it caused such a commotion that all I could see was butts, heads and tails rolling around in the grass, and all I could hear was screaming, growling,barking and snapping teeth. I put my wine down and ran to break it up. I used my out side voice and it did the trick as I am sure the next county over heard me. I have a circler in the pack and when she gets excited she spins out of control.  Her spins took her in the direction of my glass of wine sitting on the picnic table. I have no way of measuring her speed or mpr's but it was fast when she hit the glass.  Now I was planning on a long stay so I filled the glass fuller than normal so I could drink it at my leisure. Now when she hit the glass I still can't say with certainty how the glass itself stayed intact and did not break, but wine went every where. The dogs came running as if I had used a bull horn to announce free drinks. I was shoeing away a couple of dogs and a couple more moved in the faster I swatted at them the quicker they returned.  I finally gave up and let them lap it up as I figured how drunk can 10 dogs get on 8 oz. of wine. I looked down at them under the picnic table licking the wine up and realized it was still dripping down from the table on their backs.  We have two kinds of dogs here the lickers and the lickees so some are licking the concrete and some are licking them.  GAWD, the image of the dogs licking wine off each other and the concrete was what my dreams were made of last night.

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