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Introducing Marley

As a rescue I feel the need to let the world know about these little characters that live with me. 
Marley got his name from the movie of the same.  He is not that bad but he is an Energizer bunny on speed.  He came here so frightened he would not let anyone near him. We could not catch him and soon did not try. The plan was when you’re ready you’ll come to us. It took a very long time but we did win him over and he has come out of his fear base shell. He is the happiest dog now and he lives life to the fullest. He plays hard and runs like the devil is on his tail.  He has two speeds fast and stop.  He loves anything hard plastic so keeping nylabones around is a must he is a robust vigorous chewer and will take advantage of things lying around.  The floor is littered with nylabones and keeping them on the floor is sometimes very difficult as they hurt like hell to step on.  From what I can see he spent most if not all of his life in a kennel. He came to me in the fall very pasty and without color, within two weeks he was sporting a tan. He has more energy than most dogs and loves to play. His brother came to me a couple of weeks after him and the two of them possess a lot of the same characteristics. Play hard, run hard, and just stop. He is a lover and wants to be with his humans even in play he wants his humans in the same room. He will seek you out and look for you.  One of the games I play with him and his brother is hide and seek. Of course they always win but love the game. He is an opportunist and will steal any kind of paper towel, tissue, napkin etc. He can jump like a gazelle and needs a fenced in yard. He does well with my kids but will not let them pick him up. He will go to them always and sit on them but they cannot pick him up if they are standing. When the kids are lying on the sofa with a blanket he will crawl up under it and curl up with the kids. If they are sitting they can do whatever they want and he loves it. He love to sleep in the big bed but will be on alert all night long nothing moves here with out him knowing it. So he now sleeps in the kennel and without problems.  He needs a family that is active and will interact with him. He lives in a big pack and I do not think he will do well as an only dog.  He needs a dog that will play with him and a family that will play with him. He has as much love to give as energy. He is very happy dog and will Velcro to his human quickly.  He craves humans and play. He is a Goof ball.

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