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LIFE with the Damn Dogs

  Life with the Damn dogs; chaos often ensues and some days it is like a scene from the Keystone Cops.



Better than a Kong.

Now the big guys just hate each other, it is what it is. But I must keep them separated on different floors with 4 baby gates keeping the two different location completely on total lock down. Now to be fair we alternate them when we are at home so one time Sipan is up and Mako is down and  vise versa. During the day when we are all gone we kennel all the damn dogs them. Winter is taking its toll on all the dogs as they are starting to get Cabin fever and everyone of them bitch because they don't want to be where ever they are. The little dogs just squeeze through the gates and that pisses off everyone else so then they start in. Weekends can be trying some times and today it was total grouchiness on all their parts. Today was Mako's day down stairs and he took down the baby gate  in my room. He just hung out at the top of the stairs being annoying alternating between barking and whining. Sipan and the other where all rough housing at ear piercing levels. I was trying to talk to people in Peru on Skype and the girls are making breakfast and chit chatting   The noise level was grinding me down. I motioned for the girls to make the dogs be quiet and get out of the kitchen so I could complete my call. Mako was not being quite for no one but for food he will do anything, so we tossed apple wedge down to him until they were gone.   Now two weeks ago I bought an Angel food cake in the clear plastic container made with middle indentation to accommodate the hole in the middle. Now I have no idea how they make these things but this one was so hard to get into it was like trying to break into Forte Knocks. I don't eat cake so it is up to the kids to finish it off; and they gave up on the last piece as it was not worth the work to open the cake container.
As I started to hammer the kids to get the dogs quite, one of them grabs the cake container and tosses it over the gate and said that will keep him quite. That sent the whole room into laughter. I grab the camera; Mako has been quiet ever since as it took him a long time to get that thing open and get to the last piece of cake. Damn dog, it was better than a Kong.