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Name calling

I know all of my dogs voices just like I know the difference between my kids. But I have those moments that I almost have to call every name out before I hit the one I want. So I am on the couch with a lap full of dogs drinking my coffee and catching up with the morning news and the kids are in the kitchen getting ready to leave for school and a dog barks, the first thing I do is yell out shut up Cabot.  He is my prolific barker so I don’t think about who’s bark it belongs to, I just yell at Cabot.  Again with the bark, Chiquita shut up, then I look in the chair and Chiquita is looking at me like I’m nuts.  Cabot is standing in front of me, again a bark. Gertrude shut up, hell she is in my lap so now I am up and in the kitchen to quiet the offending dog.  Back to my coffee and comfy spot on the couch and the kids start the school morning procession out the door. Bye Mom; bye daughter one, no Ma I am daughter two, Oh sorry Bye daughter two,  Bye mom; Bye daughter three, No mom its Daughter one,  OK! OK! Bye girls.  Now the dogs start again barking because the girls are leaving.  Shut up Cabot. Marley what are you barking at? GAWD, its Joey. Will all of you shut up.  I reach over for my coffee and Cabot got his head shove down the cup to get to the coffee. So much for morning news and coffee,  After I get dressed for work I start kenneling the foster dogs, I yell out lets go puppies and they all run to pick out their kennel of choice.  I have a couple dogs that need assistance getting in, one is hiding in the big bed and the other want to play catch me if you can.  As the morning is not going quite as planned so my frustration is kicking in and I start with all the names of the dogs trying to hit on the right dogs so I can get his attention and get him in the kennel.  With  eleven dogs by the time I am on the third wrong name I want to kick myself.  I even hear myself start to stutter.  What the hell, is my mind completely gone. Then comes the, you Damn dogs, now I have their attention and my morning is shot so off to work I go.  

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