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One time only food

I think most of us use recipes or learn how to cook our favorite foods, so we can make it again if we like it.  I personally cook from memory and at my age I have lots of food cooking memories to tap into. I do have some favorite recipes that I still follow to make sure the dish comes out the same, But most food I learned how to cook and can make again and again. Now the girls are see food cooks; they see it and cook it.  Everything is cooked the same, one girl boils everything in water. Take whatever you find in the frig put it in water add onions ,salt and hot chili peppers. I have only one time found something too hot for them to eat; Habanera peppers.  Every other pepper is OK by them.  The hotter the better.  Sometimes the steam coming from the pot is so spicy hot I can’t breathe,   It takes my breath away and chokes me.  Now another girl cooks the same way but she puts it all in a fry pan with way more oil than needed adds everything in the frig  along with  onions, salt and  hot chili peppers.  Another girl cooks everything with Berbere spice(mixture of hot chili, garlic and ginger root etc) red onion, salt and way more oil than needed. One girl does not like to cook so she eats warmed up tortilla’s with salt.  I call their food one time only food; because we never have the same things in the fridg every time they cook.   Fried eggs are the only thing all three make the same,  One cup of oil and a whipped egg,  then deep fried.  The rule is you make it you eat it.  I caught one of them with a can of chili beans and she was cooking them in oil in the frying pan, for 15 minutes.  I told her you know those are already cooked you just heat and eat or add to a dish your making.  You do not need to deep fry them. Her reply was one of the other girls showed her how to cook them.  Make sure you eat all of them……..  There is just something about a pot of boiling  Iceberg lettuce with hot chili in it that makes me want to diet.   I had a cupboard full of different spices, none of the girls knows what 99% of them are.  So they smell them if it smells good in the pot it goes.  They think the more spice you use the better something will taste, needless to say my supply of spices is dwindled down to  nothing.  I must add that I do not eat the foods they cook, you make it you eat it.  One of the girls has found the new world of TV cooking shows, so she has shown a big interest in learning how to cook the Mmmmm good food she sees them make. So she is hanging around the kitchen and learning how to make some different foods, she even offered to cook the next big holiday family dinner. Now it is a tempting offer but I am real sure if she screws it up she won’t be able to eat all that food.
I came home the other night and the youngest is cooking and made enough for the exchange student to share with her.  I look to see what she is cooking and found it to be totally unrecognizable so I passed. As I muddle around the kitchen looking for something to put a space between my back bone and belly button, I hear the exchange student say “I don’t know what this is but it’s pretty good”. I started to laugh and said “ Enjoy because she will never be able to make it again, It's a one time only Food'. 

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