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Hands Helping Paws | Nonprofits -

Hands Helping Paws | Nonprofits -
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I am going to Peru to help with a spay and neuter campaign. This is where my heart leads me. It is something I believe in and hope you will help. I will bring back two more dogs to adopt and our goal is to spay and neuter 100 pets in the village. Thank you to all my readers.



It has become blatantly obvious that I am becoming a selfie junkie.  Now in this new technology craze I would have never thought I could be one of the folks that found themselves so interesting to take pictures of one self and show the world.  I think I am who I am and no one cares what I eat or wear. I have found many find interest in my life style, I have come to except I am strange. or at least different. I am told I am neurotic now I have studied what this means as my mind set is, I am not crazy. I done a lot of reading on this and it truly boils  down to "Neurotic means to suck at dealing with reality" and that sums it up for me. It's that I have this really shitty way of looking at things, I handle this with my sarcasm and humor. I try hard to not step on others as I go about my life. I never want to hurt anyone or anything. I do not claim to be good at anything I just go about my business and live my life the best I know how. I do not think of myself as special in any way as I know most can do the same things I do so no special ability or talents. But I never would have thought I could get caught up into the selfie craze. I don't know if I should be concerned about this new phase or just chalk it up to social change and compliance to that change. But it is what it is Selfie mania.