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Shoveling dogs

The oldest came home for spring break and was not in the house 30 min when one of the hooligans got her credit card and chewed it. She did not have time to realize it had even come out of her pocket.  I believe they have radar for such things.  It got me to thinking what I have lost over the years with all the dogs.  Although they did not chew the dining room chairs they do something referred to as shoveling.  They will dig their nails into the bottom of a chair and push themselves up the back of the chair.  I have a couple very vigorous shoveling dogs that get a momentum going and they can rub the jammies right off themselves.  But the chairs I have has a loose weave fabric on them ,the bottom of the dining room chairs are about gone. They went through the fabric and are now in the foam. There is a hole in the middle and they are almost to wood now.  I try to keep the chairs pushed under the table but the girls do not.  They will do this where ever they are when the urge hits them.  I have one that gets under the edge of the coffee table and rubs his back on the bottom of the edge, this also will remove a pee band when he has had enough of it.  Now the living room furniture is a little more durable and has held up under the shoveling dogs. Sometimes they will lean on the front side of the couch or bed and run up and down rubbing their sides along the length of them.  They will lay on their backs and wiggle around on the floor like a fish out of water, scratching themselves. Now almost every dog that has come through my house has done one or more of these behaviors. I have one now that if you cross your legs  he will stand under the one that is crossed over the top and rub his back on the bottom of your shoe or slipper, whatever.  I know sometimes there is nothing better in the world than a good back scratch, so it only stands to reason the dogs would like them to.  Since they destroyed the chair straight away I just tell folks please sit down sorry the dogs tore up the chairs and I am not going to buy another set for them to ruin.  The sofa has been pee on pooed on and puked  on. I am on my second green machine because I killed the first one.  The kids sit on the arms and the dogs sit on the top of the back, all are starting to break down.  I tell myself when I am done with kids and dogs I will buy new furniture, but in reality I will never be done so I will just buy smarter next time. 

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