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I do not recomend this........

Because of my laziness I did not get any gas today all I got was a red face.  It all started last night. Being a lady of age there are certain undergarments that must go as soon as one gets home, now I am sure most of my female readers get this one. I get in the house and am hit with one thing after another racing around getting things done and I find myself standing alone in the kitchen cooking dinner and feeling so uncomfortable with said undergarment. Now for most that do not know my kitchen has two of the biggest window and they cover two walls and face the street. Now not wanting to leave the kitchen I decided that I could slip the undergarment off without taking off my shirt and no one would see or know what I had done. As I thought my removal technique was flawless. I was so slick and then I realized I did not have a place to put the damn thing and I could not just stand there holding it while I cooked dinner. While I pondered the situation I saw my purse sitting on the table and again not wanting to leave and put it where it belonged, I stuffed it in my purse. Then this morning I grab my bag and off to work I went. When I got into my office I was about to get my badge, and saw the lanyard it was on hanging out the top of my bag so I pulled it and out popped my bra hanging on to my badge. I looked around and got that little smug feeling thinking I dodged that bullet and no one saw it. So not wanting that to happen again I put the damn thing in my coat pocket and zipped it up so it would not fall out. Nine hours later my bra was not remembered in any way shape or form. I totally forgot about the Damn thing in my pocket.  I left work and headed to the gas station.  I got out with my card in my hand and was about to swipe it, when I realized my pocket felt strange so I unzipped it. I reach in and pulled out my bra, then dropped it. Did I mention that gas was at the all time low for the week and prices was about to go up so the line is out the station and forming down the side street. To say I was mortified is putting it mild, as I reached down and picked it out of the gas and water fill puddle I was standing in; at the same time I yanked the door open with one swift move I through it in the back seat jumped in and drove off with my red face.  As I am driving down the road to go to another station because I still need gas, I started to replay the whole thing in my head and then felt so stupid. The more I replayed the more I started to think of what the other customers there must have been thinking and I just busted up laughing at myself. Now a good laugh that brings tears to your eyes is a great catharsis and releases a lot of stress. Needless to say I still do not have gas and now I not only have a red face I have red eyes but I feel great.


Open your heart

Update Mako was adopted July 2014

Mako, what can I say about this crazy goofy dog, I wish I could take a snap shot that would capture the true dog. He has his bad side and I will never try to hide it. He does not do well with big dogs but he get alone with small dogs. He is Alpha and does not do well with strong corrections, he has cancer and there is no way to tell what his life span will be. He has skin cancer from being tied out on a roof in Peru.
This is a short version of what he has and how it is treated.
 "What is a squamous cell carcinoma of the skin? This is a malignant tumor of skin epidermal cells with varying degrees of differentiation (resemblance to normal, non-cancerous cells). Tumors of this type occur in people and all domestic species. The tumor is related to basal cell tumors. With the exception of those arising in the nail beds, most can be cured surgically, provided sufficient margins around the diseased tissue can be obtained at the time of tumor removal."
So he has had one surgery which we removed as many as we could. Now I see 4 more have come back and I will have them removed also. There is no way to give an accurate prognosis  on his life expectancy. He is 6 maybe close to 7 as he has been with me for almost a year. I rescued him from Peru to give him a better life. I want to find a home for him so he may live out his life no matter how long that is, in a kind, loving caring family.
Now the the funny loving side of him has given him personality that I don't ever think I will be able to put into words. The people that have met him all say the same about him. He is smart and he always amazes me with the things he does. Two nights ago he opened two doors and let himself outside while we all were settling in for the evening. We still do not know how he did it. There may have been some human error in it but for him to find the error and take advantage of it makes me just scratch my head.
He can be intimidating and will try to run the house and everyone in it. His Kryptonite is a squirt bottle of water. What ever he is doing we show him the bottle and he stops and takes off to get out of range, So when he is just being a damn dog and trying to get food off the counter,barking or being couch bully trying to get the best seat on the couch from the other dogs we just show the bottle and it stops. He is a Peruvian Inca Orchid dog and has a primitive nature and his mind set can be very much like his ancestors the wolf. So we know the first stare or growl for no reason we can see is not to be ignored. Something has got his attention and we don't understand it but we know he means business so the bottle sits in the living room and he obeys the bottle. He sometimes grumbles as he is walking through the house he is always searching out my other big dog Sipan. We must keep them separated at all time. They will fight and the problem is Mako starts it but Sipan has teeth and he finishes it. So poor Mako get the worst of the deal. He has a couple of teeth and they are nubs. They look as though they have been cut in half. I have no idea what happen to them or his tail but he is short on both ends.
He is kennel trained potty trained and loves to snuggle with any human. He is friendly and love all people he meets. He is a social guy and is not fearful. He has bit the dogs but he just bruises but has never bit humans. As the pecking order had to be determined the dogs all of them have tested him. I have only one who keeps testing the other all know and don't bother him. He plays with the younger dogs and loves toys. He is a couch potato and always try to get the coveted seat on the couch and chase the other off. I won't let him chase dogs off so when I am in the room I show him the bottle and he jumps down and goes away. He love my kids and is always trying to hug up to them, he will squeeze into the smallest spot just to snuggle.
Mako and Sipan must take turns and rotate one with the family upstairs and the other in a kennel or down stairs. I so want him to have his own family and Sipan can have his family back. Please do not think of his negative side as a horror that will make you afraid of him. He has gone through so much and all he wants is to be loved. He lives here and the turnstile door we have here and the constant flow of new dogs and he does fine. He just does not like the big dogs, he is living with 11 other dogs at the moment and he went on a 3000 mile plus ride to Canada with 10 dogs and four humans in a minivan slept in hotel room for a week. He never gave us one problem. I love this dog but it is not fare for him and Sipan.  If you don't have a big dog or an aggressive dog won't you search you heart to give this amazing dog a chance to have a happy ending to his life.