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Warning graphic. 
Just when I think my house is pretty dog prof the Damn Dogs find one more thing to just scar the hell out of me.  I know my higher power has his hands completely wrapped around this house and all that live here.  He has watched over me and mine and for that I am so grateful because I can not keep up with all that they find to get into. 
I am making breakfast for one of the girls as we are the only ones up this morning.  Like always I can find the deepest subjects to engage the girls into to pound my message home and keep them hanging on long enough to get my point across.  I can and do preach but that is when I am mad or have no time to take the time not to. This morning we are talking about the dogs and the rescue the importants of  being responsible and doing all you can to help the dogs. Keeping them safe as they do not have the ability to reason out a situation they act on pure raw instinct.  The thing that gets humans into trouble is what animal get into trouble with. A commotion starts in the living room, I lean over to see whats going on.  Now all the dogs are circling the wagons as it were.  This is never a good sign. I yell at them to knock it off. The crowd disperses and I continue on with our conversation.  Again I see them congregating again in the corner between the chair and sofa.  Again I yell at them and it breaks up, all go off except Willy, he keep circling and heading back to the same spot. Go lay down Willy NOW!  As if this will work but I don't want to leave the stove.  Then I hear the scream and the attack starts.  Now I am moving at break neck speeds to intervene and stop the fight. When I get into the living room I can see my Cabot and Willy starting in on their killer attack thing they do to each other when one thinks the other is hurt or in trouble. All I have to do is pick a pimple and the dogs screams and the other want to rush in to attack and kill.  They only do it to each other . Then they snuggle with each other and take a nap. Cabot is doing the screaming and as he lunges to attack back he is immediately snatched back as if he is he has a rubber band attached to his butt. When I get over to him this is what I see. 

As I am trying hard to get him unwrapped from the phone base the messages start playing.  So the whole time we are listen to phone messages from back to, Don't for get the Christmas party tonight.  
I'm real sure Cabot did not find the humor in this, as we did.

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