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Girls Emergency

With so many cultures  and languages spoke in my home, communications can get very interesting.  There are a lot of hand jesters used and generic words like, thing, Mom I need one of those things.  Can you narrow down the field on that so I  can even begin to understand what you’re asking me.  Sometimes a simple question or statement can become a mountain of misunderstandings that either leave us all laughing, in shock or mad.  So Friday night after work was one that left me in shock.  I get home and we are sitting outside enjoying our unusually warm weather for this time of year and the dogs are running around enjoying the weather too, as the question of where is the shaver for the dogs, they need their faces shaved.   The standard issue reply is “I don’t know”.  I have been looking for it for almost two months now.  So I said I was going to the store to buy a new one, then at least it will appear after I buy a new one, then I can have two…..   When one of the girls tell me that I need to buy them something.  What? You know the thing for your arms.  What thing?  Then one of the other girls says” Ya Mom it’s a girl emergency”.  A what ?
A girl emergency its hot now and we want to wear shorts and summer tops and we need one of those things. Then one of them lifts her left arm over her head and uses the first two fingers on the right hand in a scissors cutting motion under her arm. Now I can’t breathe because  I am laughing so much.  Then she shares that she tried to use the, again with the two fingers cutting action, to cut under her arm but it didn’t work. Then I ask “did you try it on your legs too”? We are all laughing now and the dogs hear the excitement and come running to get in on whatever is causing the ruckus. Then comes the screams of dog nail scratching bare legs.  By the time they got done showing me there scratches and complaining they are young and if they get lots  scratches now their legs will be ugly when they get older. I said through my tears of laughter “ trust me when you get older you won’t worry about scratches, getting a job will take care of that” So I was instructed to get shavers for dogs and girls and to do something to the dogs nails so they won’t get scratches. This is an all out girls emergency. 


  1. LOLOL That was funny!!! Sounds like a true emergency to me!