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Potty habits.......

It has come to my attention that one of the Damn Dogs is pooing on the move.  At first it was not so noticeable, but those scattered poos are not random acts of more than one dog pooing in same place.  They are now getting strung out, up and down stairs which leads me to believe the dog is moving while pooing. I can’t imagine a dog hanging his butt over the edge and it bounces down three or four steps.  Now I find myself wondering, is the dog walking or running when this takes place.  This in itself is of no consequences that fact that I am even pondering such thoughts scares me.  What has happened to my mind over the years that causes me to sit and think about such things in the first place. I really have a lot more things that needs my attention, but here I sit thinking about dogs poo habits. I don’t know if my age plays a big part of this or I am just crossing over to the dark side.  The side where I am totally consumed by dogs and their habits or lack of. Maybe I need more omega-3 fatty oils for better brain function. Oh my GAWD 30 years ago you could not have paid me to believed I would end up like this.  Back then my thoughts where on what I was going to wear everyday and if I had a date for the weekend. Now here I am contemplating how to get one over on my kids and how dogs poo . It scares me to think of what the next 10 or 20 years will bring.  Even when I am trying to concentrate on work at hand I can hear someone walking down the stairs and then scream out “OH SHIT!!” Now my mind goes right to which dog came down the stairs last because those stairs where poo free a few moments ago. Like it even matters I cannot make them not do it again, I cannot get one over on them all I can do is tell everyone to not walk around with out the lights on, keep your slippers on etc.  I find myself trying to figure out who made what mess by the size of the poo.  Again like it matters, I will just clean it up and go on with my business.  I cannot fight the potty habits of 10 plus dogs just deal with it.  So where this obsession with dog poo comes from is a mystery.  Will I need a 12 step program in the near future.  Will I ever just deal with it or will I keep on obsessing over it.  Heaven only knows.


  1. You are doomed Hun however I do find myself pondering doggie poop these days as well we are both doomed, doomed I tell ya!