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Look Mom they're purple

My girls just love nail polish and have always wanted to paint the dogs nails but because the ones with the least about of hair around their feet have been males they have not gotten to do this.  Tonight one of the girls is sitting on the couch talking to the dogs, she holds up Jack kisses his chest and says "Jack I love your hair on your front it is like a mans front". Now my shock at the comparison between a dogs hairy chest and a mans nearly knocked me off the chair. I just sat there and looked at her then one of the new dogs jumps up on her and she said "I really like this new girl Mom she has more hair so she is faster than her sister and she is more happy girl". OK, now I am not even watching the TV any more she has become more amusing to me. As she is kissing the dog all over she tells the dog not to scratch her and grabs her feet, Then shows me the dogs toenails with great enthusiasm and says "look I can do bla bla bla with her". Now translations often are just ignored as we do not understand and don't care. So off she goes up the stairs talking in her language to one of the other girls.  Now I am watching TV again because my amusement just left the room, When she returns sometime later saying "look Mom they're purple". What's purple? and then she shoves the dogs nails in my face, and tells me she did not find the red so she used purple. I told the dog "I am sorry hopefully she will get this out of her system soon".  Now her comes the other girl bragging how good she did the nails.  Socialization 101 begins...

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