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Hair or no Hair

For those who are not familiar with the breed Chinese Crested dogs they are very unique in that they offer so many choices.    They come with or without hair and some are in between For those who breed them I am not an expert on standards for the breed what I am is totally enamored with the breed.  So my apologies to the group of folks that are well versed on the breed.  I find it amazing that one breed of dog can look so completely different from each other.  The Powder puffs resembles a uncut Poodle or have long straight hair.

The hairy hairless can have varying amounts of hair 

and then the True hairless can also have some body hair but they mostly have no body hair or little or no tail/ feet hair .

They all have the plumage on the top of head that is called the crest. The crest can be different from dog to dog also. I rescue, foster and re-home these little guys, so I have had the pleasure of meeting over 100 of them. Grant you they are all not pure bread but at rescue level that is not a concern.  I am always taken by the different hair growths that each one has.  During the cold months I often do not shave body hair and it’s when they are naked after a few months that the odd hair growth is so obvious.   Some have a hairy butt. Some have a Mohawk along their back bone, some look like they have a bad toupee on.  

The litters are always a surprise because you cannot breed to get one or the other.  You get what you get.  Mostly I find you like them or you don’t.  To know them is to love them.  If you prefer hair or hairless they all possess the same unique way to love their humans like no other breed I have met.   

They are great little bed warmers and at my age it goes from warm to flame on, times that by 10 and it becomes a blanket on blanket off night. If your into mothering things this is the dog for you.  Now it is best to let them sleep naked so there is no overheating for them or their human. Mornings are always a race,  to see who pees first, Mom then clean up after dogs who can’t wait or Dogs and clean up after one self because I can’t wait. These choice have me moving a lot quicker when my feet hit the floor.  Get them up, get them dressed and put them out to do their thing.  Now with ten I just put them out naked, and yell pee quick and run back to the bathroom.  Now that we have all pressing matters taking care of I get them dresses. They rarely smell but will have dry skin that can be rather annoying to them and us. Too much lotion mean more bathing to keep their skin pours clean.  Now with 10 I find I can deal with a few flakes over 10 baths every few days.  They can get fleas but I have never seen them nor do I treat for them.  Their laundry is bigger than mine. The living room always looks like an unmade bed because they all like to burro in the blankets add the kids blankets and  you have to pat down all the furniture to make sure there isn’t  dog or kid buried before you sit. 
 The pile of kids dogs and blankets  heaped up on the couch makes finding them difficult.  I’ll go to bed and get comfy turn the lights out and then remember I forgot to count dogs.  If one or two is missing I have to back upstairs and start shaking them out of the blankets.  I will find a kid now and then along with the dogs.  Going to bed takes much more time than getting out of bed does.
They are so snugly and most will become velcro dogs. They love humans and crave there companionship. Living with a herd of them has its moments but I would not want it any other way.

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