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Resistance is futile

Dogs personalities are as different as day and night, having over a 100 dogs come through my house I have had a chance to see the differences and how they change as their lives change with a new environment.  They often change again when they leave.  They are the most adaptable little creatures and truly are a gift from God.  When they first come some just pee if you look at them. Some want to eat your hand all the way up to your shoulder, and others run and hide  but there are the ones that just bounce on in and make themselves right at home.  They are the remarkable little ones that everything just rolls of their little backs and they take everything in stride.  When they jump in the middle of a pile of sleeping dogs and get totally bitch slapped by all of the, now awake dogs. They just shake it off and go find something else to do.  They truly dance to a different tune.  Not much affects them they don’t completely act like a dog and yet they know all the little doggy tricks to get their humans to stop drop and roll for them.  As their human counter parts they know how to weave and spin their cuteness webs. We get entangled in them and even after we know we have been caught we just give in and let ourselves get tangled even more.  We are slaves to that cuteness thing they posses.  How can you say no, how can you get mad, just one look and we are toast.  I have one of these dogs that can charm even the most diehard dog hater.    He wants to be kissed and he knows just what to do to get the kisses he seeks.  He has a little sound that is very much like a grunt he makes when he wants a kiss and no one is paying him any attention.  When folks stop by and he starts in, it is not long before they ask what is up with your dog.  One lady thought he was angry.  She said I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make your dog mad.  I said “He’s not mad he wants a kisses.”  She laughed and picked Jack up.  He placed one paw on each shoulder and stuck his neck up to her face.  She hesitated and drew back thinking he might bite, but he gave a big yawn and pushed his neck to her face.  I said “ Kiss him that’s all he wants”  I could tell she did not want to kiss this dog at all, but she gave him a quick peck as if she might lose her face or get a germ from the kiss.  I didn’t count but it could not have been more than 5 minutes before he had her kissing him all over the face and neck.   The dog she came to see, she lost all interest in after that. But alas he was not a good fit for her home but she wanted him so bad after that. I thought she would never leave and I was afraid I would have to frisk her on the way out to make sure she did not have him under her coat.
If I am at the computer and not paying him any attention he will start with the grunts, now I know what he is up to but I keep ignoring him.  Soon he is jumping on my leg and wanting in my lap.  I still ignore him. Then he just crawls up on me so I make room for him and keep on with what I am doing.  I soon get his head up in my face.  I move my head and he moves his. We play this till I am in pain from holding my head in every possible position other than straight up.  Then he turns to face me and the paws come up on the shoulders.  I give him a couple of kisses and he won’t move, I give him a few more and he just keep pressing his neck to my face.  Now I have stopped what I was doing and have him in both hands kissing the devil out of him, then from another room I hear “ Mom you kiss to loud and we can’t hear the TV. “  I now know he got me again.  I push him away and he comes back, at some point I feel like he is smothering me and he has not licked me one time.  My lips hurt and I can’t breathe so now he goes to the floor.  He does leave but it’s not long till I hear “Jack, I’m not going to kiss you go away.” With the accompanying sound of smacking lips making kisses.  I believe at that point he makes his rounds to all the girls to get kisses.  By the time we go to bed he smells like the perfume counter at the high end department stores.  Now Jack is a pudgy little guy and I tell the girls to not give him extra food.  Not that it works because he has not lost an ounce.  I catch the girls sneaking little tidbits off their plates to give to his Cuteness.  He truly has all the girls wrapped around his paw.
He walks in a room surveys his targets and then starts.  He will do some crazy antic to get attention, and it works he is a show stopper.  Then after a few entertaining moments he singles out his intended target, and it’s not long till the sound of kisses fills the air. Resistance is futile.

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