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Killer desk

Sometimes life just speeds up and I have no way to get folks moved over as I go flying by. In one week the number of kids dropped to 5 and the number of dogs will go up tomorrow to 11.  I used the study to put the girls up for a few months and kicked the dogs to the basement. I am now reclaiming my room and kicking the dogs back to the study. The two desk  that were in there went to the garage now the fact that it took 4 of us to move  one of them and about 15 minutes, is filling me with dread that it has to come back. Everyone on a corner pick it up  shuffle two feet and drop it down or lose a draw, hand or foot.  Now I would have emptied the drawers before we tried to move it, but by the time I was dragged into help move the body killing desk was when it got stuck on the porch. We had to do a little thinking outside the box to get the thing down three steps.  Then move it across the patio and down two more steps and through the gate and lastly across the drive way to the garage.  This does not seem so bad as I am writing about it but the damn thing almost kill all of us.  Now all 4 of us are different highths  so when we pulled up on the corners it made the desk tilt in every direction, I thought I could hear the sound of a pin ball machine binging  as we worked our way across to the garage. I was on the corner with the drawer and it would tilt in my direction when I would relax my arms and let them hang straight down. The drawer would fly out, then I would pull up and it would tilt in the opposite direction allowing the drawer to close again smashing my hand.  I was trying not to drop it but about the 5th time it smashed my hand I was ready to smash it back.   Now three teenage girls think this is really funny and now they have the giggles. For those of my readers who have not witnessed teenage girls with the giggles it is pathetic they cannot do anything but giggle, and they can’t stop giggling.  So the more my hand was smashed by the drawer the more they giggled and could not stop.  My use of every cuss word in my vocabulary did not faze them.  They would set the desk down and bend over with laughter.  On one of the small painful short burst of movement before putting the thing down again, one of the girls lost her slipper and then it tripped the girls in the back. This cause her to stumble and the desk moved forward and caught her in the shin.  Then I laughed and said “that’s going to leave a mark”.  We all started to laugh. Then one of the girls set the thing down on her foot.  That would be the one without a slipper on it.  By time we got the thing in the garage we were all rubbing some part of our body. I have no desire to move the thing back into the house so the girls can do home work on it. I pulled out the card table and told them to deal with it.
It seemed like a safer solution than bring back the killer desk.

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