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My new bra

Shopping is worse than a root canal without Novocain.  That being said, it takes me forever to go to the store and buy what I need.  I will put this off till  the coming of the second ice age.  Just before we went on vacation last Thanksgiving I broke down and bought myself a new bra. I would have bought more but they only had one in my size.  I knew it would have to last because it took me two years to get myself in the store to buy it, I was not coming back any time soon.  Well it disappeared right after the holidays and I have not found it till today.  I have been wearing the old ones that are to say the least some fabric between me and the cloths I am wearing.  I guess I could place a band aid on center of each breast and it would accomplish the same thing as these old bra’s have.  And gravity has not been kind over the last few decades.  I figured I could get through the winter months because I always wear big sweat shirts and a layer or two of t-shirts under it.
It was by total accident I found it.  I reached up to get a glass I had put on the top of my computer cabinet and accidentally pushed it over the back.   After a little furniture moving I got myself back behind the cabinet to clean up the glass that broke and what should I find, the new bra with the plastic adjusters for the straps chewed off well at least one is gone the other is like a chewed up nylabone. I was glad I was trapped behind this thing because I had kill on my mind and I could not do anything about it so I cleaned up the glass and pushed the furniture back.  Now I have new bra and  it still can’t hold anything up.   My GAWD these dogs are killing me.

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  1. Looks like shopping isn’t really your thing. Thankfully, you found this ‘new bra’, and that saved you another trip to the store. I hope they still fit you until now. That being said, you could always shop online if you really dread going to the store. Just take note of your measurements, so that you can order up the right ones, and avoid having to return your purchase because it's too fit or loose. Have a nice day!

    Irving Morgan @ EmbraceBra™