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Just looking for the phone Mom

When I came home tonight I just put my purse next to the door because of course there is a poo to clean up. The purse is always on the table it is part of the kitchen decor.  The purse has not moved since that time. I have been up and down the stairs many time tonight but left the purse there.  Now I am doing some work in the basement and one of the girls ask to use the cell phone because she needs to make a long distant call and house phone has no long distant service (keep the kids honest and money in my pocket). So I hear my phone ringing but I do not have presents of mind to catch it's my phone.  I then hear a voice coming from upstairs saying"I found it, I am looking for your phone MOM",  So I get my presents of mind back and realize she is calling the cell phone because she does not know where my purse is.  As I am laughing,  she then explains how they find the house phones as there are three and never in their chargers.  I am not sure I can translate her English in to my English but it involves going into different rooms and screaming on one of the phones. I have no idea what they accomplish by doing this but it did clear up the mystery of why I hear them going from room to room screaming.  They're looking for a phone.  Am I the only one who does not know this stuff.

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