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Small little brown dog with some hair.

Every dog has a personality as distinct as humans.  They have their qualities that pretty much run across the breed but they are not alike.  Breeding, external stimuli, environment and health can play a big part in the personality of every dog.  I have had a great opportunity to observe many dogs most of the same breed for long periods of time that allow the dog to feel safe and bond with so they can be themselves. Watch them change as their environment changes and observe their personality blossom. To become the dogs that families are looking for.
 Now when most see the Chinese Crested they either like there looks or they don’t.  So this makes it easier to target potential adopters. Just the name Chinese Crested and if they don’t know the dog, one look and they move on or they find themselves with a cornucopia of dogs to choose from.  I have no idea how they came up with designer dogs but all the shelters in this country are full of designer dogs.  When I was a kid they were called mutt either word does not describe these little creatures that do not fall into a category where they can be targeted by potential adopters.  I do not believe pet finders has a category for small brown dog with some hair.   So for all those folks that just don’t understand the plight of dogs in rescue, It’s one thing to help save a dog’s life, but finding someone to love this dog for ever is a whole new job.  You have to have a marketing degree and a good eye for taking pictures.  Being able to promote them to make potential adopters want to stop on them and read their bios and know they may have the perfect dog for their families, it's becoming a business of its own.  There are so many dogs in rescue most of them are just plain mixed breeds and adopters are not looking for a mixed breed they have a look in their mind and that is what they want.  Rescues have had to get innovated and start thinking outside the box to get there dogs out there and looked at.  Most start with a breed and work out from there. But when that little waif falls somewhere in the middle of dog breed parameters it become a very difficult job.  Now folks that are looking for Chinese Crested dogs most think of the hairless ones now for the smaller group of knowledgeable folks that know about the breed and they can be hairless or with hair. They can target in on the kind they want, but again they are looking for this breed. It breaks my heart to see this breed mixed with other breeds because of the hairless gene that can be more dominate in a dog  that has no other physical characteristics of the breed.   The hairlessness is a big turn off for a lot of people so these little dogs can linger for a long time till someone stumbles on them and falls in love.  Now if a dog is a hairless Pug or hairless Beagle but has the best personality and loyal to a fault  and every other wonderful trait we look for when we are searching for the new family member.  There just is not a category for hairless something or another.  Everyone who looks at their picture will think they have some illness that has caused the hair to fall out and they move right along to the next picture.  When in fact they are as unique as there hairless counter parts that have their own breed.  You just won’t find many that look like any other dogs they are a one of a kind.  But how does one promote this dog to the world of potential adopters.  It’s almost an accident that the right person will stumble on them.  
I have 4 of them two brothers who are litter siblings  and two girls that are of a different set of parents and of the same litter.  Only one of them has some sort of plumage on the top of the head that is a breed characteristic. The others are just plain short hair dog on the head with most of the body hairless. They are with out a doubt  the funniest cuddliest most affectionate dogs and would be a great addition to someones family.  Their personalities are as different as night and day.  Some are class clowns one is just grouchy about sharing her human and two are hooligans that with the right family they will excel to world class family dogs.  All are of the puppy age but full grown. These are my sleepless night dogs.  I want them to have a life they deserve and will live up to but how do I reach the masses?   

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