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Part 2- So, you think you can do it better

The Girls believe they did a great job at shopping and got everything they wanted, and it only took three trips back to the checkout lane so they would not embarrass themselves by over spending their 150.00.  They got it so close they spent the  change in the gumball machines at the front door. 
I do not buy soda for the house and the girls only get it if we are in a restaurant.  I use to buy juice but then that was drank in place of water.  So I stopped.  I want them to drink water but they think it is boring and want sweet drinks of any kind.  Number one on their mental shopping list of things was juice.  A gallon of Apple juice and a gallon of Orange juice. They thought this was a great bargain it only cost X amount of money. Yes but when there are three drinking a 16oz glass in the morning, after school, for dinner and then a snack in the evening that is a 192 oz a day and there is 128 oz in a gallon, now my math says you’ll be out in less than two days.   One of the girls said ”No! mom we won’t drink that much” as she is trying to only fill the glass half full then sits two more glasses  next to it and bend down to see if they are all filled equally.  I said “want to barrow my ruler”?  Then there was the big slab of salmon, they found it on sale. I did not even look because Salmon in Michigan in the middle of winter will give me sticker shock.  Now they only bought one bag of oranges wow they showed a lot of restraint on that one, I buy two or three and someone always yells  they never got to eat one.  Oatmeal I buy the big round container.  They thought they would buy the different kind in the smaller round container that had strawberries in it.  What!are you kidding me there are no strawberries in there it’s just a picture.  Did you read the ingredients? Then I get, but it will last one week.  “Yes” I said it will last only ONE week. They found they had money to buy ice cream, donuts, hamburger buns.  What !you guys don’t like hamburgers and it’s a pack of 16. Ya mom, we got hamburger so we can make them. “Ya”, I said “ how many times this week”?  Eight tomatoes now again in the middle of winter they have no taste and are hard as a rock and I don’t waste my money.  They got the  cheapest loaf of bread, mostly air.  Now I don’t eat it so they may have a bit of a problem getting that down.  It will be interesting to see how far this goes.  The oldest read the blog and got right on that computer telling the other girls they had better have enough food because she is coming home from college this weekend and wants to eat. Can’t wait for this one.  I guess the finger will be used a lot this weekend.
Now the girls always call me at work to tell me to stop and pick one thing or another up on my way home.  So it is 10 minutes before I leave work and they call.  I yanked the phone up and yelled “are you out of food already”?  Now I am sure I got the finger for that one because I just start laughing and won’t stop long enough for them to tell me why they called.  They hate when I do that to them.  It will be an interesting week to say the least.

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