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Today is not forever

Mostly I try to find humor in my chaos and the world around me.  I never knew that writing could be so enjoyable.  I am not good at it my spelling is terrible and yet I find such pleasure in knowing that in the 5 months I have been doing this that I am being looked/read by folks from all continent .  I thought if just my friends liked what I was doing I thought myself  lucky.  I have tried to understand the blogging world but I still find it confusing at best.  I was encouraged to start this project but now find it therapeutic. I love my dogs and my kids and anything that makes me laugh.  It is what gets me through life. I started my meaningful life at 53 before that it was my selfish life. I am tired most days and sometime can not make it through a day, but know when my head hits the pillow at night I am blesses to have this life,  I seek humor, friendship,love all the thing most human seek to help them through it all.  I do think of my life as normal but find it is not. So many have found a laugh or two in the things I deal with daily.  To that I am happy to share, everyone needs to have a laugh or two and to know that there are things in this world that are different and yet good.  That there is more to a dog peeing on your bed than hatred, there is another side to life and if we look at things with an open mind and find the humor in it all we will surely be blessed. We as humans have the ability with in us to over come diversity, hatred and evil. We must try.  Today is a day I am having a hard time to find my ability so I am writing about it. My writings today are just to help myself overcome hatred and ugliness that sometime creeps into my life. I will over come this but the process  of getting through it seem overwhelming today I am longing for the lighter side to pee and poo. That ugliness will not rule me today.

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  1. I know what you mean, Sue. I am exhausted most days but always thankful. I enjoy reading the adventures of your very unusual family. :-)

    You should get in on the blog hops.