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Why bother?

Now I have my days when I could have stayed in the bed and got just as much accomplished.  You get up let the dogs out use the facilities step in a puddle of pee.  Ok we are off to a good start.  Let dogs in and make coffee turn around and step in poo.  Its early I can control myself, coffee will be done soon and life will be good again. Pop a bagel in the toaster, add cream and sugar to the coffee and now we’re moving.  I have my coffee in one hand bagel in the other on my way down stairs to check e-mails, when I drop my napkin, no problem I’ll get it on my way back up. I finish breakfast and head up stairs to put dirty dishes in dishwasher and pick up the napkin that was dropped.  What the hell which one of you Damn Dogs peed on it.  Now all of that cleaned up and dishes are washing and I’ need to make my bed.  Back down the stairs I go, when I refer to down stairs I am referring to basement, it is dark with very little light coming in the small windows so If I don’t turn on the light before entering I may find a surprise left for me by one of the Damn dogs.  My room is about 800 sq. feet it is the recreation room, but I have my sewing, reading, and TV area computer bed and so on in there.  I call it the mom area my place to get away from it all.   Well I dream of a place like that to get away from it all.  It now houses the dogs during the day so I have kennels all over the place and in the evening the dogs won’t leave me alone any way.
Archie is the only one that does not want to spend any time with me he is busy getting into the garbage he has no time for me anymore.  I have to keep an old cover on my bed during the day so no one marks it.  I keep the known markers pee banded but it is the occasional you never see who it is marker that gets my bed.  Well because I did not make it straight away and the markers did not get banded first thing it looks like pee fest 2012 was celebrated on it. So I throw my bedding into the washer and get the broom vac and proceed to vacuum the floor and the small area rug.  Its fine for dust and small things but thread on the carpet it just won’t pick it up.  No matter how many tries I take it still on the rug so I bend down pick up all the thread and roll it in my hand till it’s a ball, then through it on the floor so it can be picked up by the broom vac.  And now it won’t pick it up because it’s a ball of thread, Of course the trash can is right next to me.  I would yell at the kids for doing that I guess the pee fest got the best of me.  As I am going into the corners I find dried pee spots under the sewing machine behind the computer desk.  Ok so now I have to mop on top of it.  I head up stairs to get the mop and find another poo I have to clean up.  I am getting ready to line’m up and nip their little pee pee’s off and cork their behinds. I have lost control now and decide to just sit and watch TV.  I shut the light off down stairs and plop on the couch with the dead remote.  Of course my butt is down so going to find more batteries is not on my list of things to do.  I just keep mashing the buttons harder thinking somehow it will start working.  Then I smack it on the arm of the couch still hoping to revive them batteries.  It’s getting close to noon and I’m thinking snacking sound good.  I am on my third cupboard and still nothing to snack on without major work to cook it.  I end up at the fridge and search through the green science projects that have been pushed to the back and forgotten, hoping for a small tidbit that can be warmed up and consumed.  No luck and Oh hell NO! I am not going to start cleaning the fridge out, those kids made’m they can clean them out.  Oh Well might as well just watch TV, It’s not long before my mind has completely turned to mush and I head back to the fridge hoping something eatable has materialized while I was gone. I look one more time in the cupboards, and settle on another cup of coffee.  Kids come and go I’m still in my jammies and my hair has a case of pillow head that would scare the dead.  I am now in a zombie state.  I have watched 10 episode of the Law and Order 24 hour marathon.  I have been back to the fridge a half a dozen times and I still have not found anything eatable.  I finally gave up on the remote I forgot to let dogs out now I have another round of messes to clean up and I still have to mop up dried pee in the basement.  GAWD I can’t even go to bed and pull the covers over my head as they are in the machine wet.   
The way I see it is, if I stayed in bed the dogs would not have peed and pooed all over the house because they will sleep when I sleep. I still would have dried pee under the sewing machine and have not eaten a thing.  The remote upstairs is still dead and there is still green stuff in the fridge. But I would have slept through it all in a clean dry bed.

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  1. Your posts always make me smile bc I can totally relate. I have complete and total respect for people like you who do this for the love of these little dogs.