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THE Finger

There are many things in this world that I find very offensive but the middle finger is not one of them.  I find this gesture comical and silly.  I realize the rest of the world does not share this with me, I do not and will not allow it used in public by any of us. But at home it is used among  our family as a sarcastic visual that will instigates around of  loud sparring that ends with laughter.  Now it is used as a subtle gesture to show displeasure or in a disagreement, often  used to scratch ones forehead, arm or rub an eye with, to keep the sparring down to a college roar. We never use it when we are in a full blown argument, as all of us know the boundary of its use. My kids have indeed picked up my sarcastic sense of humor, and uses it right back at me.  Because I can be encouraged and so can the kids we now have a cycle of unappropriated sarcastic humor. But for good or bad it has created a bond titer than crazy glue between us.  My fear is that my dogs are picking up on this behavior and what will the rest of the world think of us.

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