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Free 50 Bucks

I am starting to believe my kids and the retailers are in cahoots.  It’s an outright conspiracy.  I’m not sure where to start but it came to my attention a few days ago.  We are what you might say a little financially embarrassed at the moment. College tuition need I say more…..  The kids, who think I am rich always need something or another and I am constantly  in the NO mode.  I just wish they would quit asking.  I want to write in big black bold letters across my forehead NO. If I had a bigger head I would write “Get the hell off my last nerve”.  Kids being just that, KIDS they keep asking just in case I have a break down and say yes.  Mostly they get my unabridged addition of curse words. 
Now when the snacks/ quick and easy food depletes they start in about how hungry they are and there is no food in the house.  My reply is “freezer is full”, but it often falls on deaf ears. This being a long weekend for me in  more ways than one, they start in on Friday and act like they are starving, “Can we go out to eat”.  “Please we can go to a cheap restaurant”.  Now what does cheap mean when you’re taking 6 kids and yourself out.  The bantering continued till my last nerve was stomped to death and I let’m  have it.  Things calmed down  for a day or so and I went about what I needed to do.  Then the oldest came to my room on Sunday night and said “hey Mom I found your 50 dollar visa card and I activated it.”  I said,” what are you talking about”? You remember last year when you bought your new cell phone and you got 50$ back. “Ya Kinda sorta “  She reminded me about how she filled out the receipt and mailed it back to the company.  I am a doubting  soul so I mostly don’t believe when I am told to fill out the back of a receipt and send it in for a rebate I will actually get it without a lot of hassle  .  I am the person that all retailers love because in my mind, how much is this 50$ costing me.  I figure there are 168 hours in a week.  I physically work 40 at my job another 60 at home and mentally I am on the clock 24/7 now you take another 42 hours out for sleeping and that does not leave much more than three hours a day to shower play on the computer and watch some TV.  And someone wants me to fill out the back of a receipt. Now 50 dollars is nice but to mentally keeping track of it and making sure it happens, I probably won’t do. So I remember when the visa card came and all I could think of was I did not ask for this.  Must be a scam so I through it in the pile of other papers to be forgotten and moved a couple of dozen time.  I was looking for something else in the pile so the bag with the pile in it was on my dresser in my room.  The oldest sees the card and knows what it is and calls the company to activate it.  Bless her heart that was so nice of her to help me out.  Not! Her and one of the other girls cook up the scheme  to get me to use the card and take them out to eat.  Sometime had passed after I had been reminded of the card and it being activated, when I am called to the kitchen.  I walk in the room and realize something is cooking and it’s not food.  They promptly explain that I did not know I had the 50 bucks so there for its like free money.  So now we can go out to eat.  And by the way I was reminded again about how someone in the family did all the work for the said 50 bucks and what a nice way to pay it forward.  LOL  Are you kidding me I am not taking anyone to eat.  Your plan has one flaw.  I am not dressed and need a shower, it’s almost 6 and no way am I going to start this process so you can eat.  Then I was presented with many options, such as drive through, carry out and they would go in and get it and I could sit in the comfort of my car and they would do all the rest, lets not forget delivery to.   I hit them with my unabridged addition of curse words and went to my room.  I am real sure this is not the last time I will be reminded of the free 50 bucks

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