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SO! You think you can do it better?

I hate to be the target of ridicule as most do.  Today I make my stand with the kids.  Every week I am the target of the kids because we don't enough food, I did not buy the correct food and the easy food goes quick.  Now I have task the kids you think you can do it better go for it.  I gave them 150.00 and told them they had to buy two bags of cinnamon and raisin bagels because if they screw up I want to make sure I will survive this little experiment, and hair conditioner.  I told them to take the calculator pen and paper, and a list would be good too.   As far as I know they took none of the above items. They did ask what conditioner to buy.  I said "it depends on how much money you want spend on your hair vs your belly". They laughed and said they would buy the smallest and cheapest they could find. I warned, be careful  you all have to use it too.  I said "how will you know how much you have spent if you don't have your calculator?" We won't spend it all and if we have left over we will go back and buy more.  OK! If you don't get enough for the week your going to be hungry at the end of the week.  They laughed with confidence as they jumped out of the car.  This may be a disaster because they just see something they want price is no problem and put it in my cart.  As I am checking out I find it, Hey! who put this in there?  Oh Hell no, take it back.........  Now they think they are rich and they have 150.00 in their pocket and no mom to yell, put it back. Now I will have to hang tough this week when they have eaten 150 dollar worth of junk in three days. I dropped them off 20 minutes ago and I am curious how many trips to the reg. they will make to spend all the money.
Stay tuned for the results of grocery shopping experience. 

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