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Hurdles,or not

When I was in High School we did not pick a sport to join we had gym and did it all. We wore a green gym suit and if we did not participate in every thing we failed the class.  We did not have to be good just participate. Being short and round my body just did not fit into the realm of sports. But to keep my grade good I participate. Now the pain and suffering that went along with that participation was often more than a young girl could endure. Not only did I fall and get hit, I suffered through the humiliation of my peers laughter. I am not sure if it made me stronger or just made me better at staying in the back ground out of sight easier. After high school my involvement in sports was keeping score for our community little girls softball team and on occasion helping couch the girls. For this I only needed a good outside voice.  Since I have been working with a large pack of dogs I have had to hone my hurdling skills. I use baby gates through out the house so we can keep dogs contained and out of trouble.  Not that it always works but it does help sometimes.   I will not go into the disgusting nature of some dogs poo eating habits, it is what it is. That being said I have a few of these dogs and it is a daily job to stay one step a head of them keeping these yummy tidbits cleaned up before than can be devoured. Now if a parasite moves in it can just run through a pack so cleaning up is of utmost  important. Now I have a couple of dogs that are so quick at this that It has been an up hill battle to keep the parasites out of the dogs. So I have dug my heals in and declared war on the poo eating dogs.  I kennel them and when they are released I follow them around till they poo and quickly clean it before they do.  I have found that 15 minutes in the freezing cold will not produce the desired affect  I am hoping for so we just go back in. Now this is where the hurdling comes in.  I confine them in one area so I can keep an eye on them and not let any of the other disgusting poo eating dog have at it.  You know the old saying a watched pot never boils. Well a watched dog never poos. You must take your attention elsewhere and voila nature takes it course. This is where it gets tricky to know when to look and how fast can I get there to get it before they do.  I have gotten much better at hurdles even at my aged and I still have the short round body, I learned how to get to the poo before they can.   I am not perfect and have gotten some really close views of the cracks in my floors, and did you ever look close at the weave in you carpet. I have manage to do this with out injury until now. 
The morning started out as usual and I have the dogs contained in the hall way that we have lined with piddle pads for just this purpose. I put the coffee on and look back to see if nature has called, and I see one in the position and one at the ready for when it drops. I run for the gate and make my leap but there where a couple three things that kept me from making my hurdle. One I am wearing flip flops and have baggy jammies on.  The third unnoticed obstacle is my senior dog Archie digging at the corner of the gate trying to get into the kitchen, when my last foot left the ground I saw him. I hesitated just enough to allow my leg to drop and my flip flop snag the gate.  Now things happened really fast after that but to keep from falling on the dog I quickly tried to recover from this but only to get my flip flop entangled in in the leg of my jammy. So after the house quit quaking from my fall I am regaining my presents of mind to only look up and see my intended  targets both helping themselves as nothing will interrupt them when they are focused.  The rest of the dogs run for the hills and Archie unscathed made it to the kitchen where the garbage can called for him.  I grabbed my knee and rolled around on the floor moaning as if by magic the pain would go away to only realize I was rolling in a wet spot.  I have now added insult to my own injury. I through in the towel literally and cleaned up the mess surveyed my injury closer and took a shower.  I now have ice on the knee and the dogs are all kenneled again leaving me to lick my wounds and my pride. Just glad that no one was around to see this, my latest adventure in life with the Damn dogs.


  1. This could have been me Sue, I can relate!

    1. Its good to know we are not alone LOL

    2. WoW! Through your description, I felt as if I were there! I'm shaking my head. Thank goodness I do t have "poop eaters," but I do have one that can't seem to EVER pee or poop outside...