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Happy @#$@#$ New Year to me.

This past spring one of the planets was going to be close enough to the earth it would be the brightest star in the sky.  The girls and I got out the small telescope that the young one had just gotten.  We tried every which way to see through the darn thing and was having no luck because it had to sit so close to the ground where we could not see through it.  Now my bright idea is to sit it on the railroad ties that sit at the end of the parking space in our yard. But I can't see no matter where its at.  I have trifocal vision and refuse to use trifocals so I use bifocals.  I have several pair for diving and looking at dash board, typing and looking at computer monitor and so on.  Of course I do not have the correct set so I just take them off and set them on the tie.  30 more minutes I give and we go in the house. I spent the next day looking for my glasses.  When I remembered what I had done with them I went out to the railroad tie and they were not there.  I spent another day looking for them and just could not believe they where not there so I went out to look around again.  As I am hot footing it out to the tie again I hear a crunch.  What to my wondering eyes should appear, my glasses in the grass flat as a pancake.  The optical place I go to said they were not sure they could fix them but would try.  Yes, it was a miracle they even fit better.  Now it is a couple of months later we get back home from our camping vacation and we took everything out of the van and put it in the drive way so we knew where everything had to go and it all got put there.  It was a hot day so again I take of the glasses and put them on the retaining wall next to the drive way.  Next day I get ready for work and no glasses. I went several days that time trying to find them.  But alas they were found by the lawn mower.  But yet again my optical place pulled another  miracle out of there hat and was able to put them back together again.  I was then told they were not sure if they could fix them again so be careful.  So I am pretty good at taking advice so because I just can't go buy more glasses, I payed close attention to where I put them keeping them out of reach of dogs and other places that will get them lost or broke again.
So last night we rang in the New Year with our Sparkling bubble juice and talked with my friends and one of the girls who was in New York.  Posted pics on face book and so on and so on. It was around 1:30 in the morning New Years Day and we finally went off to bed.  I came down to my room and it was dimly lit with my night stand light.  It was just enough light to see the shining pee spot in front of the computer. I turned and went in to the laundry room saw a pee pad on the floor for washing and grab it, went back into my room turn absorbent side down over the pee spot and step on it to wipe the pee up. When the sicking sound of crunching came from under my foot. I yanked the pad up and got close enough to see my glasses smashed flatter than a pancake. I don't remember the exact cuss word I yelled but I am sure they were rich.........   I ran to the wall turned on the light and then realized what happened.  I left my glass of wine by the computer when posting pics.  I pushed it way back so no dogs could get to it but my glasses was in front of it and they jumped up and knocked my glasses on the floor.  You know stepping on them again was not the thing that got me.  The thing that got me was they knocked them on the floor and Pissed on them. Then I stomped them into oblivion. This round of Damn Dog business has caused me to start my own book of cuss words. I am praying real hard that this is not a sign of my New Year to come.

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