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If I had to pick a word to describe the two new dogs, Hooligans would be close. The definition is, a violent young troublemaker.  Now the boys are not violent but they are in trouble constantly.  They get into everything.  I use to think my dogs could pluck a box of tissue clean quickly but they cannot hold a candle to the new boys.  They are a tissue box picker tag team.  One grabs a tissue and then when he is trying to get it out of his mouth, (because we all know what a wet mouth and a dry tissue is like) The other then grabs one for himself.  Now they are spitting and shaking their heads together. Then as quick as one gets the tissue spit out he grabs another, the other is right behind him grabbing tissue.  Now and then they will grab more than one before they spit it out or tear it up.  If I had not been so mad when I caught them I would have timed them. My GAWD they had ¾ of a box picked when I happened in on them.  Now my bed is always the place that the biggest and worst of their destruction takes place.  I often never find said mess till I pull the blankets back to go to bed at night. I am sure that pulling the blankets back, is not accurate, it is more like unpile them to lay them flat so I can crawl into bed.  I give them chew toys and nylabones  and they love them. That being said if you have ever stepped on one of these half chewed plastic nylon toys you will not forget the discomfort you experience.  The girls just have no sense of humor when it comes to stepping on the toys.  So they get picked up and put away for the girls own personal safety.  But that sends the dogs on to other things to chew and play with.  While we unwrapped Christmas gifts they chewed the remote control to within a inch of total destruction.  Then one night I was at the computer with a cup of coffee enjoying a moment or two of total loss of brain function when the need to leave the room became quite urgent while the urgency was dissipating I heard an ugly crash.  When I entered the room again my favorite cup was in a thousand pieces on the floor and coffee spilled everywhere and the Hooligans are in the bed, on the top of the pile of bed covers with the look of, Hey how are ya? Where ya been?With that wide eyed innocence look, that I know they do not possess. They have an underpants fetish and found the little crack in the wall that others have used to get at the extra dog food but they use it to get into the laundry area and steal panties.  I found missing candy that everyone denied knowing anything about.  Of course the only thing I found was chewed up wrappers and goo all over the bed.  They will sit on the bed and chew their toys like good boys but hey if the bed covers get caught in the toy, what’s a little fabric when you’re on a good chew.  Now I have holes in the bed cover.  I feed them in the kennels so there is no fights and if we don’t let them out ASAP they eat the food bowl. I even found poo that somebody took to the bed to chew on.  I think it was frozen and then chewed. I can’t say I ever saw poo crumbs before they came.  Now they make my Damn dogs look like angels.  They are the sweetest boys and they love to cuddle and snuggle. They are velcroed to me, if I am at home they are glued to me or at least they have me in their sights at all times.  So for them to do all of this while I am in the room just makes me hate myself.  I never knew I would need therapy for fostering dogs.  I started to take the lap top to bed so I could watch them closer.  Now I have carpel tunnel from typing in the wrong position and my back is killing me.  They play so hard that they move furniture when they jump on it, it is more traveled than I am. When they romp I need to have body armor on.  They jump on me and knock the wind out of me. I believe they may have some rhino in them.  They are full of puppy behavior with a rhino kick.  When they are zooming and chasing each other around the house, they will come running down the stairs, hit the tile floor skid into the wall, (they look like they are running in place), then they finally catch a grip and then fly into the bedroom slamming into me if I happen to be any where in the room, I have gotten a real close look at the tile in my room a couple of times. Now getting bowled over by a Chinese Crested is something I could not believe would happen but I have lived to share the embarrassment of it.  They are so excited to see me when I get home, their tail wagging takes on a whole new function. It is now a garden hose that they whip around like a weapon.  I have thin skin so I bruise easier than most, It does not take much to leave a mark or two but these guys tails are killing me. I am just glad its winter and I can wear long pants to cover them.  I absolutely love their personalities.  They are characters, the court jesters of the house. If we're not yelling at them we are laughing at them.  Once they get a little older, if they live through this puppy stage, they will be two pretty wonderful Damn Dogs.

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