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Bats and Blogs

Blogs are still a mystery to me.  I am not sure what I am doing but why I am doing it is a great stress reducer. Telling stories about the chaos that has become normal to me helps me to take a breath and look at the funny side to all of this.  I never knew it was so amazingly therapeutic. Now I can't spell and my grammar and mechanics are not going to get me any A's. I am told that no one will read my blog if my spelling and grammar are bad.  Ok, don't care it’s for me that I write.  But the stats that are kept on blogs are giving me the, who, how and where my blog is being read, and it makes me scratch my head in WTF.  Who knew that I have a really big following in Russia?  Thank you Russia.  But a couple of my blogs have created what I call a ton of attention.  Now, Bats in my Basement, has caused a lot of searches I have learned. This mystery made me do some research on my own, about why would so many folks search for my blog about my bats.  Wow I would have never guess so many people have bats in their basements it seem hundred and hundreds of folks complaining about bats in their basement, and just as many giving advise on how to get them out.  I thought bats liked the belfries/attic. I have to stop watching so much TV I'm starting to believe this stuff.

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