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I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop

I haven't decided yet if last night’s dinner was to distract me from putting the kids in a structured summer school program or just why they were sucking up so bad.  I have to admit it was some of the best sucking up I have ever had from them. Now there are only three of them at home at the moment so life is settling down some. But out of school means I hate to go home.  They are all strung out on hours of Korean soaps and still in there PJ's. Dogs have had a field day and just terrorized the house because they don't watch them. I have been looking into some kind of school so I can live through the summer without killing myself.  I am at my last resorts and I even took the garbage can out of the house so everyone must take their own happy ass outside to the curbby container. No more "I don't know why the garbage is everywhere in the house" Now I am suffering right along with them as in the morning making coffee and a bagel will send me out that door three or four times.  I have to get up just a little earlier to give myself extra time to make all my runs to the curbby outside. So for the time being it’s better than coming home to Archie in the trash and half cleaned up coffee grounds that he has spread from one end of the kitchen to the other: then of course someone now has pissed on the coffee grounds, as if the Damn Dog wants them for himself. GAWD...
Well now the girls do not want to go to summer school of any kind so there for there has been a few improvements’ and last night was a humdinger.
I was not paying attention to the time and was working past quitting time and the girls call to find out when I am coming home as they are waiting on me to eat with them.  This alone is a first; they never wait to eat with me.  If they're hungry they eat no matter what time it is. Then as I am making my final statement about I am leaving now, I hear, we made dinner for you. (Click, and the phone goes silent) Now I am worried and am afraid to go home and find out why they felt the need to make me dinner as they don't do this.  They will cook but it is for them and I eat it.  They never make me dinner. All the way home my imagination has come up with every possible bad scenario I can conceive of. As I get out of the car hear the Texas fly swatter smacking a counter or two getting the dogs to be quite. Man I am starting to sweat now. Wow, I just wanted to get back in the car and drive away. I went in and they are all busing themselves putting food on the plates and pouring lemonade into their glasses. I had a nice glass of wine sitting next to my plate, they even using my hand painted wine glass that I got for Christmas. There were flowers on a white table cloth, and the most mouthwatering smells that engulfed me as I walked in. This alone is scary because the smell of iceberg lettuce and hot chili peppers boiling on the stove make a person lose their appetite.  The girls then say happy first day of summer we made you a nice dinner to celebrate the first day of summer.  I had a smiley face note that said I love you Mom, sitting next to my plate.  My first reaction was to be sarcastic and make some stupid remark, but decided to keep my mouth shut because this was nice and sucking up or not, I was liking it. They all start pointing out their contribution to the dinner and asking me if liked it.  "Yes, I love it, good job girls". I'm still waiting for the other shoe to fall when one of them says "Mom I made the chicken do you like it". Yes it’s good. Then she laughs and says I can cook American food now, so I can marry an American guy. Now if I had not known better I would have fainted dead from this statement but I just bust out laughing.  Ya,whatever.....
I then ask "how did you make the chicken what did you put on it". Then out of left field comes "the yellow stuff in the refrigerator".  Mustered?????  "Well I'm guessing this is a onetime only food" We ate and laughed and just had a wonderful dinner. I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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  1. It will come I'm Sounds like a nice dinner:)