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English and Phones ??

My kids English is troublesome at best, and has a hard time taking messages, it's just about out of the question.  I tell them to direct the caller to my work phone and then there are less problems. That always does not happen either.  They still do not understand the machines that call phones for human telephone solicitors.  So When I hear them say Hello three or four time I yell hang up, its a machine. Now if I am at home they bring that phone to me and then I hang up. I have yelled at them so much they hang up on everyone, they even hung up on my brother, he called back and they hung up again.  He called back and yell "don't hang up", we all got a laugh out of that one. Now they are really confused. So now they answer phone and lay the phone down and don't hang up. So the phone is still problematic around the house calling in. Then I tell them if they don't ask for me by name I don't want to talk to them hang up. It seem to be getting a little better. The phone rang and we are all in the kitchen getting something to eat and the oldest picks it up and then says"hello" then she just stands there for what seem to be eternity. then she finally says"she is busy call back", then she listens for another millennium then put the phone down in front of me.  Now in my mind I saw her hang up then put the phone down.  But she starts in about a person that makes us nuts here at the house, and no one really wants to be bothered by this person. I then realize who she was talking to and I start running my big mouth Bla bla bla, in a not so nice tone and using some colorful language on top of that: when she reaches over the counter and grabs the phone quickly and looks at it, to see if she really hung it up or not. I immediately choked on my words and thought how am I going to apologize for my behavior. It was clearly a WTF moment and in the split second it took her to check the phone and me react to the embarrassment of my bad behavior she says "Oh" and put the phone back down. Every one realize that she had really hung up but for just that second she caught all of us off guard. The laughter at that moment became out of conrol. Then the girls call me out for my behavior and big mouth. Wow no end to the red face for me.

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