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HALLS junkie

 Now somethings still have not changed, Marley is still an opportunist and will steal things and eat/chew them. He has developed a taste for Halls cough suppressants.  I had no idea that he was getting hooked on my throat lozenges.
I take medication that makes my mouth dry and some times its hard to swallow, I found that halls will temporarily relieve these symptoms.  I keep water at my bed side but found that it only helped a little at night time and made me wake up more to pee; the Halls did last longer and did not make me pee so I now keep both on my night stand for easy access. At some point I noticed the Halls drop were gone most mornings; I was thinking I must be eating them and not remembering. I thought the smell of eucalyptus would wart of any dog nose and hey they were asleep so they would not bother it.  I now know this is not so. Then the other day I had a bag of Halls in my purse so I could take them to work.  I heard the paper crinkling in the kitchen and saw that the dogs where trying to open the bag.  I took it away from them and put it in my purse thinking they got it off the table. Later that night again I hear this sound and find Marley in the kitchen with the bag of Halls. Now at this point they have not gotten into them, just persistent in trying.  Again I put them in my purse push the chairs in so they can't climb on the table and forget all about them. I still have not put two and two together, so today I go to my purse to get a halls and find the bag is missing.  I know the kids like them and think they are candy so I start blaming them for taking the bag, as I see no evidence that the dogs has gotten them.   I got my usual, I don't know and I did not take them, from the kids. Later I was sitting on the sofa and Marley jumped in my lap for some snuggle time when I noticed this red sticky subsist in is face hair. I then went searching for the bag looking for the guilty party or parties. I found some strange pink stains on the pee pads on the floor and thought is that blood????  I then moved on to the stairway and found Halls wrappers scattered over the stairs and hallway. Now I have red flags flying all over my head and my education kicked in and I could put two and two together and came up with the Damn Dog. I went to my room and found them on the bed. I went back upstairs to get the camera and when I returned all the dog followed me back.  While I am taking this picture Marley grabbed the bag and ran like hell. I am hoping to find him a twelve step for his addiction.

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