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Can you add a noun?


English is our house is slaughtered; pronunciation cannot even be pronounced by my kids, let alone done. So communication is often the ruler of my day or lack thereof. So for my kids to know a word and how to use it and say it often takes me by surprise and some time pure shock. The girls only use Pronouns so the subject is always lost. This, that, he, she, it , thing, and my favorite is You know mom. Hell no, I don't know so let’s start all over again and use a couple of nouns OK.  One of the girls was arguing with one of the other girls and I over heard her say "Shut up T. you’re so annoying",  I almost choked because she said and pronounced it perfect with just the right tone.
One day last week I was working away in my room when I overheard that someone was coming by and this someone was a person I had no intention on seeing or speaking to. So the mature 59 year old woman that I am, ran up the stairs grabbed my purse and yell "Hell no, I'm out of here".  Now the girls are not sure how mad I am or where I am going. As they have only seen me so made I had to leave one other time in their lives. I jumped in the car and left. Now I turned my phone off and went to the movies to get the knot out of my panties. I immersed myself into a stupid comedy that totally failed to make me laugh. After the movie I decide that home was still not a place I wanted to be so I went shopping. And for the folks that don't know me I rather have open heart surgery than to go shopping.

Now I have wanted to buy a bigger TV for my room, as it sets so far away and a 19 in. screen with my old eyes it's impossible to read. I have to get up to go stand in front of the damn thing to read the TV guide so I know what is on. I left the theater and saw a Walmarts close by and they are in my price range, so off I went to Walmarts. As I am walking through the store feeling like turning around and leaving,  I see a rack of jean on sale. I decided that I might as well get into the swing of thing or take my butt home: I flipped through the jeans as mine are becoming thread barren and I was not sure I had 5 more years left in some of them. I found a pair and forced myself to try them on because there was no way in hell I was coming back to exchange them if they did not fit. I made it to the electronic department with the one and only jeans I could force myself to buy. I did find a bigger TV in my price range of course the clerk was ready to choke me if I did not leave. I had no idea someone wanted me out of the store more than I wanted out of the store. I made it out of the store with the TV and my pair of jeans without a major anxiety attack. I drove home under speed limit as if the couple of minutes I spent extra were going to make me able to deal with the shame of my temper tantrum. Now I know my kids are worried and have called me a few thousand times so I must deal with them and my behavior. Fair is fair they get to call me on my behavior as I will call them on theirs. The two older ones are on the patio waiting for me: I parked the car in the garage and walked up and they started in on me. I hung my head, not to low I am still big dog here but was feeling like a little kid. One of the girls said" did you go to the movie"? Ya how did you know?  She said “because the last time when you got mad at us you went to the movie”. I had no idea I was that predictable. Then they wanted to know what else I did because the movie is only two hours. I told them I went shopping. First they were shocked then they wanted to know what I bought for them. Nothing this time I bought for myself a pair of jeans and a TV.  Then straight out of left field came "hallelujah it’s about time". I had no idea she even knew this word let alone how to use it and say it correctly. Little did I know that all my failed attempts at bettering my mood was sitting on my patio and all I had to do is buy something for myself and bring it home.

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  1. You really should buy yourself stuff more often!

    Hey when you get a minute, stop by our blog and pick up the award we have for you!