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Damn Exchange student

Last night was graduation for my second eldest daughter lots of activities and laughs and just a great day. On the way home  after dinner we are all in car laughing and making fun of the thing we all done that day to embarrass our selves, talking about what we will do on Sunday and just winding down the day. The Damn exchange student, as she has earned her title. Says "what time is the first bus in the morning"? Our Graduate speaks up and rattles off the complete bus scheduled for the whole day of Sunday.  Showing us her that her education is complete.  The jokes stopped by the time we got home.
This morning everyone starts stumbling out of bed around 7:30 and sometime after 8 the exchange student leave and say "goodbye see you around 6 tonight", now I am thinking first bus is at 9:50 on Sunday she must be walking. Then the next kid leaves at 9:30 then the third leaves at 2:30 and the day move on with me and the other two girls and Damn dogs.  It a sunny, breezy balmy day and the dogs are running in and out and barking, I am ready to commit Harry Carey letting dogs in, as a load runs out. For the life of me I could not get the little bastards all in or all out at the same time. By
 3 PM I am ready for a nap so I can survive.  But Damn dogs think they have to eat at 3:30 so for the next two hours they jump on and off the bed barked at every sound they hear as the breezy day outside kept the branches on the tree next to the house moving all day long. One of the girls at home baked a cake and, well let’s say there was no complete nap just closing and opening my eyes and yelling shut up. By 5:30 my head is pounding and I feel like ripping their heads off and so I get up and feed them. Then as I am winding up the feeding of the dogs the exchange student comes home and the barking starts all over and my humor is gone.  She bounces in the house, I'm yelling shut up at the dogs and saying 'I'm not sure I can go through two more bark session when the others come home": when the exchange student starts to tell us about her day.  She says "Mom do you know what happen to me today"? I got to the bus stop to early and had to wait around for the bus for more than an hour.  I started to laugh because we had just the night before laughed about the bus times. Then the next kid come in right behind her and starts in about how she saw her in the morning standing at the bus stop. Both of us was laughing because we both thought the same thing when she left, must be walking. She says "I was wondering why no one said to me why are you leaving so early" I told her "You know even though your leaving in a week for your country does not mean you won't still be a damn kid in the damn dog house. You'll just make someone else nuts.  Then I ask what were you thinking when you left. She says "I was thinking if I leave at 8:20 I will get to the bus stop around 9:50". It's about 30 min to bus depending on how fast you walk. I couldn't stop laughing because her math was just one hour off. Damn Exchange student fits right in this house. I got my humor back...

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