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Heart attack OMGAD

There comes a time in every pet owners life that we panic over something one of the pets have done.  This panic often comes when we notice something that is just not right in our pets.  The feeling of my GAWD what has happened and are they OK. I had one of these moment the other night when I came home from work.  I was sitting out side enjoying the wonderful warm breezy day with the dogs.  The dogs are doing zomies around the back yard and just having fun.  After a short time we went into the house to to deal with the evening consumption of food; as we are looking in the refrigerator for the 10th time in hopes that the next time we open it more food will appear, I notice one of my dogs limping and only walking on three legs.  My heart fell into my shoes and I quickly grabbed her up to see what happened to her front foot; I started to look carefully so not to hurt her any more than what she already was.  I looked for blood and then looked to see if she had pain. As I am maneuvering her foot I felt her toes and they seemed twisted I sat down to look closer and found that the only thing wrong with her was her toes where crossed, like we would cross our fingers. At this point I wanted to bean her in the head as she just gave me a heart attack and she only has her toes crossed and couldn't get them uncrossed. OK so she has long nails that's my fault. I guess I am the bad mommy and she should bean me in the head

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  1. Whew....title scared me for a minute!!! Glad to hear all is ok:)