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Butt sniffing dog buisness

A few weeks ago the hooligan boy were separated for a couple of weeks and during that time we took in a new foster.  The calmness that came over the hooligan brother once separated was scary.  He just snuggled with us and sniffed the new girl.  The new girl just fallowed us around wanting us to save her from the other dogs as they all wanted to shove their nose up her butt.  I guess I don't blame her as I don't think I would like a wet nose in the butt either.  Of course she would run when they sniffed her and then the chase would be on.  The kids would scold the others for picking on her, then pick her up and save her from sniffing and chasing.  Now I know that it take about a month after alteration for the hormones to flush from the body so being a fresh young girl with stitches she was prime for butt sniffing. I told the kids to stop doing that because, this is dog business and we should not get involved.  As long as there are no bloody bits or fights, don’t' save her she does not need saving.  She came out of a single dog environment and she needs to learn how to be a dog.  Don't get involved in dog stuff. Girls being girls still coddle her when I was not around.  I finally had to put my foot down and yell at the kids, who now think I am an uncaring mean mom again.  Now the old saying rears its ugly head. "Be careful what you ask for you just might get it". Well she not only learned how to be a dog she is now becoming the leader of the pack, so to speak.  She is not an alpha but she is an instigator: the boys are back together and now I have three hooligans. I'm hoping I survive the troublesome three.

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