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I have my own Parody

Now my girls are like most teenage girls and are totally taken by the Twilight series and the whole idea of cute vampire that loves a high school girl. Give me a good old blood sucking evil vampire any day. I like my movies with a good guy and a bad guy, not bad guy trying to be good.
I grew up on Westerns the good old cowboy shoot outs at the saloon was some of my favorite parts, I lived to see the cowboy jump off the horse as it was still moving and pull out his 6 shooter and stroll into the saloon to take out the bad guys Now the vision of these bowlegged guys wearing chaps swaggering into the saloon has always stuck in my mind. Then last week we get a movie called Vampires suck, in the mail through Netflicks. I have no idea it is a parody of Twilight, and the title has me wondering what it is.  Yes I did laugh as I do like parodies and the scene of the Wolf man boy wearing his hot jeans and his tail hanging out the back had me cracking up. 
Today I was enjoying the newly redone porch and the dogs where enjoying the ability to run in and out at will through their new doggy door. At one point the girls came out and the dogs done what they always do and start jumping up on them.  Can you all see what I see in this picture?

I swear this looks like a chap wearing cowboy Werewolf . Or hairy wishbone.

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