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Pizza or NOT

We have a restaurant/pizzeria here in town that is a local favorite eating place for as long as I can remember. They have won more awards for their pizza than I can count. Everyone here at our place of work loves this restaurant’s pizza as they pile them high with whatever you want, they are mouthwatering, so when management does a recognition luncheon for their department they order from this restaurant. Yesterday was our department’s luncheon and the pizza flowed. 
We have a small department just down from ours called label lab, today they ordered their pizza’s so they would be ready at lunch time.  Lunch time came and one of the guys went to pick up the pizza’s and when he arrive the fire department was their the local news, as soon as the shock wore off he drove down the road and picked up some 5$ hot and ready pizza’s so they would have something to eat at lunch.  He came back and told everyone that our favorite pizza place was on fire. Now we heard the news with great disappointment as the folks in label lab had their mouthwatering for this wonderful pizza and all they got was a 5$ hot and ready.  The jokes started immediately.  My co-worker and I said glad we had ours yesterday as we laughed at the sight of 5$ hot and ready box walking by us. There was mention of getting one of the boxes from yesterday and as the person held up his left hand above his shoulder as if he was carrying a pizza, and pretended to drive with the right hand, then said he should drive by the label lab on the fork lift with the box. The visuals of this sent all into a bout of manic laughter, which for a while was out of control as the joke just kept on.  As all settled down and we went back to work someone sent out the news article that the fire was small and in a vent pipe and basically not going to shut them down for more than an afternoon. Well the jokes started in again.  Glad its Friday……


  1. Hi there!!! Just found your blog and love it!!! You had me chuckling quite a bit! Thanks for the smiles:)