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Someything is wrong with your dog???

I am having my porch and deck redone with all new screens a door and a doggie door put in.  I have had this wonderful structure that was one of my favorite things about this house but unable to use it much because the previous owner’s dogs took out all the screens and killed the door. The deck on top allowed the rain to soak through and keep the porch wet all the time.  So for the last three years it has been an outside potty for the dogs that just did not want their feet to touch snow or just did not want any part of going in the grass.  This year I finally had the money to make this a wonderful spot to sit outside and enjoy summer without the bugs and poo the dogs seem to think belonged in there.
Last night it was time to settle up with the contractor: he came by and we sat outside and talked I wrote him three checks because for some reason my idiot hat was on way too tight and I just could not get it right. As we sat there and laughed about my lack of brain cells and enjoyed the dogs playing around us, I hear him say your dog is hurting itself.  I turned around and saw a couple of dogs just kind of standing around behind me.  I ask him which one and he said "that one".  Now I am use to the kids not using nouns but that one just did not narrow down the list of dogs I have.  So I ask him "which one"? Again he points to the dogs behind me and says "that one".  I see we are going to have a problem so I start narrowing down the field by pointing and calling out color of the dog and saying "this one". No! the one that is licking his foot. Okay now no one is licking anything. Again I keep trying to narrow down the choices so we can get to the dog that is hurting itself.  He keeps saying "No, not that one".  Then I said “is it the little one, Julie" and I pointed down at her. As she is the last one it has to be her but I am not seeing anything out of norm about her.  He says "yes look at her feet she has hurt herself" I turn and look down at her feet and turn back and said" No, that would be my girls are home for summer and board she just has her nails painted".  Now we both got a good laugh at that one and he said "I should have guessed that one with all your girls".  I can tell he did live with a bunch of teenage girls....

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  1. The deck and porch look beautiful! The dog's nails, not as much, the red is a little scary on a dog. Hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy the screen porch!