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I scared the Hell out of her.

The dogs do pee on my bed there is no him hawing around the little bastards can make me crazy changing my bed.  Now this will take place when there are two alphas making claims on my bed.  Now as of late this behavior has calmed considerably as I have adopted two boys out.  Night before I am sitting at my computer listening to the sound of thundering paws above me, thinking I will have to go settle down the massive dog wrestling match going on up stairs; as I turned in my chair I saw Julie sitting on the foot of the bed as quiet as a mouse and all by herself, just watching me.  It was just the cutest sight so I puckered up and kisses the air in front of me as to send it to her.  I got no response from her, not a twitch or a blink.   I attempt to give her another kiss in the air, again nothing.  I’m thinking is she dead with her eyes open and head up.  So this time I just make the biggest kissing sound I can muster up and nothing.  This dog is just fixated on me and has not blinked or moved a muscle.  I then start using my feet to crawl to the bed sitting in my chair. As the chair is scooting along the caster twist and I stopped.  I bent forward to give myself a little more thrust to get the chair started again and at the same time I gave another big loud kiss.  Holly cow I scare the pee right out of the dog. She made the strangest sound and shot straight up and was catching some air under her and I could see the pee drizzling down her leg. I swear she came off that bed a foot and in midair turned  herself around and was running before her feet ever hit the bed.  When she came down she was half way across the bed and had not taken her eyes off me, and just as she turn to look at where she was running to she ran into the wall. I bust out into a belly laugh that made me think I was going to pee.  She heard my laugh and immediately ran off the bed and came to me. I was laughing so hard I could not pick her up and comfort her.  I scared the hell out of the little dog and had no intention of scaring her just making  a connection with her.  The girls came down to see why I was laughing so much, I couldn’t stop long enough to tell them.  I finally pulled myself together and grabbed her up to comforted her and just sat in the middle of the room on my chair and laughed as I cuddled  her. This poor dog must have thought I became possessed or something.

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