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Where did you get your dog?

I try to not blog angry as I loose myself and who I am.  Today is the exception to my rule. This is not to insult just educate folks and blow off steam. I need to talk about the so called rescues out there that are not in the rescue business for the reason they should be.  I will not call out names or point fingers as this is not my style but I hope to educate potential adopters on what they need to look for.  Anyone can set up a rescue give it a name and get some, give away dogs and sell them for some pocket cash.  The internet that has helped so many dogs find wonderful homes is also helping the scammers. So many of us in rescue have learned the hard way about the scammers and we are taking a beating for it.  These folks give the real rescues a big black eye. I worry about the dogs that are used for these scams.  I worry about the good folks with good intentions getting taken when their new family member turns up sick and they have to pump tons of money into the dog because they are often bonded with the dog before they even touch it. Sometimes the dogs live and sometimes they die.  But the scammers have their cash and good luck with getting your money back.  Our laws do not protect these little dogs because they are still considered property and not a breathing feeling life. With the country in financial problems and cuts that have to be made our little four legged friends are kicked to the curb as the laws that need to be changed, won't, our politicians  are too busy with the deficit, crime, terrorist and keeping this country going. So the scammers, abusers, hoarders and the breeders for money not for a better breed are out there in full force taking advantage of every little nook and cranny they can find to get a dime from the folks who love these little animals; that we as a mankind were put in charge of not owner of. Don't be fooled by registered pure bread dogs.  My rescue is full of them I throw the papers out, they mean nothing unless you’re showing your dog, or competing with your dog.  Fighting these people and groups will have to be done in the trenches were it all starts.  I have had to resign myself to the fact that I cannot save all of them.  So to educate is what I can do to help stop these people.  The money stops and they stop.  We need to stop buying cute puppies from neighbor, coworker, pet shops and back yard breeders.  The majority of pets are obtained from acquaintances and family members. Twenty-six percent of dogs are purchased from breeders, 20 to 30 percent of dogs are adopted from shelters and rescues, and 2 to 10 percent are purchased from pet shops. Approximately 5 million to 7 million dogs enter animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 million to 4 million are euthanized. These numbers are not even counting the numbers that go and come from private rescues and the ones that don’t end up in a shelter they just end up abused and or neglected. 12,000 a day are euthanized and these numbers are low. So if we do nothing, nothing changes. If we speak up and refuse to help these unethical, uncaring and plain unthinking people stay in business then we will win one dog at a time.  Yes the cold hard facts are they will still die by the thousands every day because we all have to start somewhere and nothing changes over night. I have had to harden my heart to stay in rescue and this saddens me to think I must harden myself to be able to sleep at night, to be forgiving and to stave off the helplessness that I feel. But I know that the animals and kids of this world have no voice so all of us must stand up and be the voice of the abused and unfortunate of our humanity's future.
If everyone who reads this and stops buying and taking these little animals we can put a dent in some ones pocket, yes it will cost the life of animal but this is the price we must pay for allowing this to get this way.  I do not believe there is one person or one thing that is to blame I blame our society as a whole and yes I was ignorant and bought a dog from a breeder looking to line her pocket.  But my eyes are open and I can no long stand by and look the other way. My part is done, one dog at a time and by educating the folks who do not know about the problem behind the cute little puppy face they see and want.
Many folks are starting to be more responsible and getting there dogs/puppies from shelters and rescues: hats off to you, but now we must see the other problem that is out there taking advantage of the unknowing caring folks trying to do the right thing.  The unthinking neighbor who has allowed there dog to get pregnant and feels better about what they allowed by giving the puppies to friends rather than putting them in shelters.  The problem is still there, is the dog fixed?????? The people that are using the word Rescue to line their pockets.  They are picking up dogs on a death list and craigslist, free puppies in the back of a truck in Wal-Mart parking lot. Now these pocket lining people now put their ads up on line for the unsuspecting public that have no idea these dogs have never seen the inside of a vets office.
To arm ourselves with tools to catch these folks at their own game is what we must do to find out who the real rescues and rescue folks are over the others.
If a rescue is not 501c3, does not mean they are not good; it means they do not have the funds to apply for this, or do not want to, but having one surely shows more creditability because the time and money spent to get this status is very difficult and shows that your group is motivated and monitored so doing this for a cash crop is difficult. We cannot profit from this in any way. We are here for the dogs.  But there are some fine wonderful caring independents that are out there to save a dog and do everything in their powers to make sure these dogs get good homes and vetting treatments needed.
Yes there is ways to weed through them.  First ask question lots of questions.  Where did the dog come from is there an owner surrender signed document, Do you have signed papers form the shelter you pulled this dog from.  Shelter just do not hand out dogs, there is a paper trail that fallows the dog. When was the dog last at a vet and do you have documentation.
The difference between a shelter and a rescue is rescue has time to work with the dogs help them to get into a family that is best for the dog and family, not one or the other. Shelter is there for all and any dog, they do the best of their abilities with the time and money constraints they must live in.  Recue foster home are volunteers they do not get anything except to know we/they did the best they could to get this dog in the best home.  Never hesitate to contact the head of a rescue over the foster home to make sure everything is on the up and up. We all make mistakes and we must correct and do better. This cannot happen if we are not all held accountable for these little animals. Again ask questions, here are some more to help get started.
Are you a 501c3 rescue?
Do you allow adoptions of dogs that are not altered?
Are the dogs in your care Heartworm tested and preventive meds given?
Do the dogs in your care have all their vaccinations up to date?
Do you disclose everything about this dog and stand behind it with paper work?
Will you adopt a known biter to a family without their knowledge?
Has this dog displayed any behavior changes or health concerns in the last month? (If a rescue is turning over dogs to quickly they will not know the temperament and it is their job to know these things before passing the dog on to a forever family.  Is your dogs adopted out on a contract that it must be returned to the rescue if something happens you can not keep the dog? If they get a truck load of dogs that are on a euthanasia list and then start adopting them out within days of getting them, why was the dog on the list: sick, aggression, no space, get the answers and then make your decision?  All dogs are cute and we fall in love with pictures but we do not have to live with that picture we have the living breathing dog that we pick and must accept.  Pick and choose before you get the dog.  Not after you find it’s just not as wonderful as the picture. Please be a voice and stand up to the pocket liners that only want money, or the ones who want to make themselves feel better about taking your money and don't let the word Rescue be your deal breaker. Educate yourself and be your own deal breaker.   I will offer to alter your pet before I take your unwanted and pray you can learn and understand what your doing. I will turn the spot light on your dirty business before I turn my head the other way so you can keep doing what your doing.
I now stand down from my soap box. Sue Yancey, A founder and President of Naked K9 and small dog rescue


  1. Sue
    You are so on point with all you have said.
    I also got a lovely Chinese Crested that the owner just got tired of.
    The novelty was gone.
    Had no vetting of any kind and was a mess.
    People stop the stupidity.
    Pets need love, attention, care and basic manners.
    If you are not in for the long haul then DON'T DO IT!!!

  2. Sue, This is so true! Thank you so much for sharing this. I had no idea what information I would need when and if I decide to get another fur baby. I'm like you, if I had the means I wish I could save everyone of the precious animals that need a forever home.
    Just also wanted to say..thanks for following my blog:))) I love visiting yours when I have some very interesting and sometimes pretty funny stories...hehe.
    Have a super day:)