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   I find it hard to imagine or believe that my dogs have it in for me. The proof is indisputable and making these little finds hard to believe that they are just a coincident. They have left these little chew toys in varying places to do the most harm.  The humans of this house are unaware of these menacing objects left for us to find the hard way.  To step on these or sit on, as they have left them in my bed and I have sat on one, causes the most discomforting pain. 
I thought I must be reading to much into these little toys but I am now not so sure. Yesterday I split the Hooligan boys up. I let one go to another foster home so I could work with a new foster that needed more help. I new the home would be a wonderful foster home for him but worried how they would act to being separated. I get up in the morning to this. I know I am not being parodied but I will turn the lights on every time I move in the house.  Even though they are both doing marvelous and have settled down 100%, I believe I did the right thing and now believe they are going to be great additions to a new family, but I will be ever vigilant when moving around my house.       

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  1. Oh boy I have the same issue here, lol. Mostly with Legos, tho. ;-)