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Newest member of the Damn Dog house

The Damn Dog house has change again.  We now have an exchange student from South Korea . She came on Wednesday and because she is going to school in a different school district she must use the city bus to get back and forth.  Thursday morning I gave her directions to get to the nearest bus stop which is about a mile, so off she went and we all went our ways to get to work and school. It is 4:28 in the afternoon and I am putting my coat on when the phone rings and it is her coordinator from her organization telling me she called and said she was lost.  I got her cell number and called her to find out where she was.  She was so apologetic saying she got off at the correct stop but must have taken the wrong street and she ended up over a mile away in the opposite direction.  “No worries “I said, I’ll come get you and then laughed.  When I arrived at the  corner where she was I started laughing and could not stop.  She jumped in the car and started apologizing again.  I said “It’s Ok, but I bet you feel silly now.  She looked me in the eye and said” does this mean you’re going to put me in your blog”   I can’t even drive from all the laughter,  and I said “Yes it does”.  Now as I see it she fits right into the mix at the Damn Dog house.

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