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Hey! Look what I found

The fact that I blogged about my own bra embarrassed my older daughter so I thought hey I can get one of the other girls with the bra at the circus last year.  I am guaranteed reprisal on this one, by at least one of the girls if not all.

My newest daughter had only been here about a month or two and her English was not very good at all.  She did not know my sense humor yet or how to take me.  I decided to take all the kids to the circus that was only going to be in town for 4 days.  I had not been since I was kid but remember fondly my dad got tickets every year to take us all to the circus.  Back then watching the trapeze performers had me on the edge of my seat and to see fire come out of some ones mouth was just a miracle. I knew the girls did not understand what  a circus was but told them they would have a good time.  When we got there the kids want to run around and see everything so I gave them the camera and told them that they had to be back when lights dimmed.  I sat and rested myself as it was a Thursday night and I knew we were not getting home very early.  Behind me were some loud obnoxious teenage boys, totally stomping on my last nerve of the day.  The lights dimmed and the girls came back.  The entertainers were a newer version of the ones I remember  from my childhood. There was a couple of clowns on a trampoline that were pretty funny and often made some off color jokes about the size of women’s breast using the biggest bras known to mankind as props.  They used them on their heads and put them on their butts, backs and chest.  I thought the clowns were funny and laughed a lot at their antics and the girls did too but they also were embarrassed because of the teenage boys sitting behind them making all the loud remarks.    Intermission came and off the girls went to do whatever teenage girls do in a mass of people all trying to do the same things. Then they came running back after a short time and was laughing and embarrassed about something.  One of them  starts giggling and trying to tell me something but I never really got what happened, it ended up being a malfunction of some kind with her own bra and wanted to know if she could take it off.  “Yes” I said and off she went again with the other girls in tow.  The second half started before they got back and they had to disrupt the whole row of people to get to their seats making everyone get up as they walked by.  The malfunctioning bra was hid under her sweater and as she plopped down next to me she wades it up and tries to conceal it in her hand and she gives it to me.  I said “ I don’t want it put in your pocket”.  No! Mom it will come out of my coat and It won’t fit in my jeans pocket. She says “here put it in your purse”, as she is grabbing my purse off the floor to shove it in.   I then proceed to make a stink about her bra in my purse. She clearly is wanting me to shut up because she did not want anyone to know what she was doing.  So I gave in and let her deposit the bra in my purse.  And act or two had come and gone and I looked down the row to my new girl who was 4 seats away and not looking like she was having fun.   I realized she could not hear me unless I yelled and that was not going to work, I then tried to use had jesters to see if she was OK. That was not working either so I just looked her in the eye and reached down in my purse and grabbed the bra and yanked it out of my purse and flung it in the air above my head and said look what I found.  Now the owner of the bra is completely mortified and the youngest is in shock, and the new girl is sucking air and trying to hide in the seat.  By the time they got the bra away from me and in someone else’s possession, the three of them had all scootched to their left  as far as they could in their seats to get as far away from me as one can get in the seat next to you. Then I got the giggles because the boys behind clearly had a good laugh and made comments.

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