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Often as I am trying to save myself steps I cause myself a lot of extra work and grief.  I have my morning ritual and this is done out of habit so I don’t have to think much and I can work my way thought the morning and get myself to work where I must use all 6% of my brain I am told I use. (I don’t want to waist it on mundane things I do every day for life). Now on occasion I catch myself actually thinking and get in trouble.   So this morning I am thinking I should go into the laundry room and make sure my jeans are dried. Oh, and while I am there might as well get everything I need to wear that day and take it up stairs to the shower, then I won’t have to come back down stairs.  To get to the shower I must go through the kitchen and I have not gotten breakfast yet.  I’ll just lay my cloths on the end of the table where I can grab them after I am finished with breakfast. Things are moving along well I now have my cloths and I’m on my way to the shower. Good thing I thought of that so I did not have to make the extra trip down stairs.   All is still going as normal until I get to the finishing touches of getting dressed, my socks, where in the world are my socks?  I go back to the kitchen and search around the table, nothing.  I then retrace my steps from the basement, then to the laundry room, Nothing…   So I am thinking the Damn Dog grabbed them and hauled them off somewhere.  Now I am unmaking my bed looking for socks, nothing. Retraced my retrace as if I may have over looked them the first, second and third time I ran up and down the damn stairs. I tore through the clean clothes on the table in the laundry room and then sift around in the dirty clothes on the floor, nothing.  Back to the table up stairs, hey maybe they fell behind like other pieces of clothing that got lost. I pulled the table out from the wall, Nothing….  Now my frustration is off the charts and I am cussing as I ransack the house looking for the socks. I went in the study to look in the dog kennels, as they drag things off and leave them in the kennels. I yanked the bedding out of 7 kennels and nothing, then I put the bedding back in 7 kennels a long with a dog to boot. I now am running behind and if I don’t leave now I will be late.  I run back to the basement and get another pair and throw on my shoes and sock and run like the devils’ on my tail getting to work.  Well I didn’t quite make it, I’m a couple minutes late, now to make it to my desk and get going before someone notices. 
I get my coat off and reach in my purse to grab my glasses and pull out my socks.  I hear someone laughing and I look up and it is my co-worker and she says did you need extra sock for all the crap you’re going to walk through today.  NO! But I spent a hell of a lot of time this morning looking for these things.

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