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When I allow myself to get really hungry I over eat and make myself miserable. So tonight I get home and yell get in the car, now, if your going out to eat with me. This will cause my house to quake as kids come running from every room. So off we go to the all you can eat  buffet. We all look like pot belly piglets as  we waddle out of the restaurant and the moaning was out of control when one of the kids says mom is there a word  s e e c  NO. why?  She "says yes there is, its s e e c"  Now one of the other girls says No! there is no word spelled like that.  She said "see is". No see is spelled s e e. She said that what I said.  Then the other girl and I both yell back you said s e e c. No I said "s e e cI am way too miserable to keep this argument up. So I yelled back again "there is no word spelled s e e c"  She starts laughing at us and said no Mom I said s e e is see.  now we are all laughing and the last thing I want to do is laugh on a full stomach. Spelling lessons...

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