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Greetings are a must at the house, good morning, Hi girls/everyone I’m home, good night etc. It’s one of those thing I believe in because you need to recognize people and it shows respect. Not to mention you never know what a day will bring.
When I arrived home after work the greeting at the door is deafening . Every dog so excited to see me it’s as if they had not seen me for weeks instead of hours.  After wading through a sea of dogs and other special things they have left at the door for me, I made it to the kitchen and it was empty (Shock)  and I find one of the girls curled up under a blanket on the couch . I said “Hi how are you and where is the other girls”  The normal response is “I don’t know” why I even ask must strictly be from habit. She “said Hi” and I went about getting something to drink and fend off the dogs that are still excited. After a few minutes I went to my room and went on line, I’m still fending dogs off (I must get those nails cut). The phone rings and one of the other girls brings it down stairs for me and says” Hi Mom it’s for you”.  It’s the oldest and she is home from College and is in town at the bus station wanting a ride home.  I jumped in the car and head out to pick her up and on the way I see the exchange student walking home and pull over for her.  She opens the door and says “Hi Mom where are you going?” I explain I have to run down town and pick up B and did she want to ride with me.  OH! no thanks Mom I need to get home, Thanks see ya later.  I get to the bus station and pick up B. We are yaking away trying to solve world problem when we arrive at home and again we are greeted as if we have been gone for month. Again wading through a sea of barking jumping dogs I would say it’s more like a shuffle because I don’t want to step on feet. Again Hi were home,  Three girls yell back.  We start in with getting something to eat when the 4th girl comes out of the study where she was working with her tutor and walks over plops down on the couch without a word.  I yelled in at her and said ”Hey Miss Thing did you forget something”? She wonders out to the kitchen with the rest of us and said “NO”  are you sure.  No, I mean Yes. Are you really sure you have not forgotten something.  When she pipes up and said” No mom I did not forget to say Hi I just have not seen you till now” Ya likely story.
Hell even the dogs have greeted me way more than I would like. Then the kitchen erupts into loud sparring banter, Yes, I am home sweet home.

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