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To all my friends on Valentine's

There is a place in my heart that I keep highly guarded and protected.  It is a place I keep my kids and my dogs a place where all my love is for them.  They often do not see this place but it is there for them only. My friends are many and I treasure each and every one of you for you have shown me that there is kindness in this world that I often do not see.  Doing the things I do keeps me on the dark side of life, bringing in the kids and dogs that society has over looked and forgotten.  You my friends keep me from being swallowed up by it all you have supported me in every way.  You circle the globe and many of you I have never met but you are in fact as dear to me as the ones I have known for years and years.  I was always told that I could count my close friends on one hand in my life.  But for me I need a country to hold you all.  You have reached out to me in times of need and times of darkness and never knew how much I needed you.  I often never tell if I need, but you  just show up at the right times and I feel blessed that you are there for me.  Even to just say Hi.  I reach out to all and let you know that sometimes all we need is to know someone has thought of us to keep us going.  I encourage everyone to just say Hi how are.  You may never know how important to someone that maybe.  We do not need to have a sweetheart on Valentine’s day to show we care.  For all the people who read my blog and know me through rescue,the social media or have known me for years, I thank you all for your support and caring you have showed me.
Without you I cannot do what I do.  May you all find love and happiness on Valentine’s day and though out the year.

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